From Goo to You by Way of the Zoo

On June 10, 1993, President Clinton signed a document allowing for taxpayer money to fund research using aborted baby parts. With the stroke of a pen, abortion was given an appearance of legitimacy. In anticipation of this event, Newsweek magazine devoted its February 22 cover story to “Cures from the Womb.” Dr. Gary Hodgen, a researcher at Eastern Virginia Medical College, stated that President Clinton’s January 23 announcement supporting fetal tissue invest-igations was “the greatest day for science since the Scopes’ Monkey Trial.”

Why would these two seemingly unrelated events be singled out as the most significant advances in science in the last 70 years? Why bypass all of the incredible scientific advances of the twentieth century and link the Scopes’ monkey trial to the legitimization of research on aborted babies?

To answer this the reader must understand both the reality of fetal research and the significance of the Scopes’ monkey trial. Some fetal research is most effectively carried out on fetal parts which are as fresh as possible. Brain cells and organs of a baby deteriorate rapidly once deprived of oxygen so they are more valuable for research if they are extracted while the baby is still alive. However, this is a complication for the abortionist because legally every effort must be made to keep a breathing baby alive once it has been removed from the mother’s birth canal. Therefore, one abortion technique is to use forceps to pull everything except the baby’s head out of the mother’s body. The skull is then crushed and the brain is sucked out. After the brain has been removed the baby’s body is sliced open and other desired parts are extracted.

Even at 3 months the baby looks like a miniature human being. It has brain waves, a functioning heart, and miniature human organs (which is why the researcher is interested in extracting them). What caused our society to sink to this immoral, barbaric, low point?

In 1925, the ACLU set in motion the events leading up to one of the most famous trials in history – the Scopes’ monkey trial. There has been both inaccurate and biased reporting of the events surrounding this trial but the result is undeniable. The Scopes’ trial was a turning point in American history. The accuracy of the Bible was openly questioned and evolution replaced creation as the most widely accepted explanation for our origin. Thus, seven decades after this historic trial, we have reached the point in America where our children are being taught that evolution is a fact and we all came from simple life forms by natural processes. Is it any wonder classes on self- esteem are now necessary?

As one writer aptly described the situation, “You came from goo by way of the zoo.” The atrocity and injustice of using the most helpless of human lives for research could be tolerated only after our society was conditioned to accept that there is nothing particularly sacred about human life. If we are just highly evolved animals, then why not do everything possible to understand our biological situation and improve it – even if this entails sacrificing a few babies in the process?

We are increasingly ignoring the injustice and tragedy occurring around us in order to maintain personal peace and affluence. Complacency has replaced the striving for right and freedom upon which this country was founded. The right for an unborn child to live has already been removed. We should carefully ponder whose rights and lives will next be curtailed.