Genesis And Creation

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

I’m not sure where you stand on the issue of the creation story being literal or figurative. Personally I believe it is literal. Being a scientist at heart I had a hard time accepting Genesis at face value when I became a Christian about 10 years ago. In time I was introduced to the idea that God’s literal creation could be explained by lots of old and new data. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are many scientists of repute around the world who have no problem with a literal creation many of whom have put forward some very interesting theories to explain both the data used by evolutionists as well as data ignored by evolutionists. (Probably the most important thing I learned is that the theory of evolution is just that; a THEORY! It has NOT been proven and basically cannot be because it is NOT reproducible. The flip side of this of course is that from a scientific point of view, creation too is ‘just a theory’.)

I understand that when it comes right down to it the only thing that matters is a personal relationship between Christ and a person. Other ‘side issues’ are potentially distracting and divisive. At the risk of causing either of these two things to happen amongst believers, I believe that it is important for believers to understand that the Genesis creation story can be taken at face value. Satan knows that if he can get Christians to doubt any part of the Bible then he has started the process of separating us from our God. The creation story is arguably the most important portion of the Bible. The rest of the Bible is built on it. If we cannot trust it then can we really trust the rest? MANY Christians argue that they can and still maintain a close relationship with their God. But like a wife who has strong suspicions about a cheating husband, Satan will use our niggling doubts about the Bible to attack our faith.

I know it is by the grace of God that I’m here today AND that I am a believer and follower of Him! I think it is this same grace which allowed me to overcome any biased thinking I may have had toward a literal creation. I know several intelligent and well meaning Christians who will not/cannot get over their world view/bias/filter to even look at the data/evidence for a literal creation. This is obviously a matter for prayer.

If Christians won’t believe Genesis, what is to stop them from not believing the rest of the Bible; especially the moral truths and absolutes which are the underpinnings of our society? If we are not FULLY convicted of the Biblical truths then the likes of Morgentaller (sp?) and Kervorkian will continue to succeed and our society will continue to unravel.



Leaves (deciduous) change colour in the fall as part of the process of salvaging minerals/nutrients before winter arrives and certain death. Apparently the tree ‘knows’ it’s going to lose its leaves so it starts the process of reclaiming the nutrients in the leaves and storing them back in the branches so that they can be used at the start of the next growing season.

Once the nutrients are sufficiently removed, the leaf loses its ability to manufacture chlorophyll and thus the yellow pigment (which was always there) shows. The Sugar and Red Maples turn red when an excess of sugar in the leaves is used to manufacture a new pigment (the experts aren’t sure of the reason for this).

This alone is pretty amazing when you think that a tree’s DNA is ‘smart’ enough to initiate this process. What’s more amazing though is that this process starts almost as soon as the prime growing days are over at the end of June/early July. Kinda stretches the credibility of the theory of evolution if you ask me. (How did those trees ever get so smart?!)

I got this nugget of info from “The Raven”, a little publication put out by the “The Friends Of Algonquin Park” and park staff.