God Knows and Is In Control

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope … Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off.” (Jeremiah 29:11 & Proverbs 23:18, RSV)

December 1997

I got a phone call, one afternoon, from my children’s School. The Receptionist said that she had my son, Brandon, in the office. He had been hurt. His nose was bleeding but she said not to worry because it wasn’t bad. The bleeding was beginning to die down. She said, “I just wanted you to be aware of it so that you can check him when he gets home tonight.” I said, “Okay”, and asked her if he was upset or if he had been crying. She said, “No. Not too much. He seems to be okay.”

I thought that, since he was right there with her, I might as well talk to him. So I asked if I could speak with Brandon. When he got on the line I said, “Hi Brandon, how are you doing, Honey?” He mumbled, “Okay.” I asked him if the bleeding was stopping and he said, “Yeah.” Then I asked him, “Are you sure you’re all right? Are you okay being at school?” I knew he was extremely shy, being on the phone in the office and talking in front of others. And I knew that he might be holding back the tears. I just wanted to be certain that he was really all right.

When he replied, “Yeah, I’m okay”, I responded with, “Do you want Mommy to say a prayer for you?” He mumbled something like, “It’s all right.” But I wasn’t quite sure, so I repeated, “Brandon, do you want Mommy to say a prayer for you right now on the phone? Would that be okay, Brandon?” He responded again with, “It’s all right.” I took that as an affirmative and began praying, “Dear Jesus, just bless Brandon right now and fill him, Lord, with your peace and comfort. Just put Your loving, comforting arms around him, Lord. I pray that you will heal his nosebleed totally and that there will not be any further problems because of this. Just bless him, Lord. In Your precious name, Jesus. Amen.”

I didn’t really expect Brandon to say, “Amen”, over the phone because I knew he would feel too shy. So I said, “Okay, Brandon?” And he said, “Yeah.” Then I said, “I love you, Honey. And don’t forget …. Jesus loves you and He is always with you.” We said our good-byes and I hung up the phone.

A minute later the phone rang again. When I picked it up it was the same Receptionist from the School. She said, “Mrs. Boivin, I’m so sorry, but I believe we made a mistake. That was not YOUR son you were just talking to. We have another little boy here with a very similar name to yours.” “Really?”, I said. I was in total shock and somewhat embarrassed. “Who was it?” I heard her, in the background, asking the child his name. “His name is Brennan Bova. It sounds pretty similar.” “Well, I guess I just prayed for somebody else’s child”, I responded. “I guess so”, she said, and continued, “He told me after he got off the phone that that wasn’t his Mom that he just talked to.” I responded with, “Well, that was probably because I said a prayer for him and told him I loved him.” I chuckled and she said, “Probably.” Her final words to me were, “And by the way, YOUR son is all right.” I said, “Okay, thanks”, and hung up the phone.

I felt so strange and weird – like, did this really happen? It seemed so absurd and yet so neat! I felt a joy well up in my heart when I realized the full implications of what I had done. I had just told a child that Jesus loved him and that He would always be With him! Halleluiah! I felt a mixture of embarrassment and excitement and began to laugh and laugh.

I just had to tell my Mom! She would get such a “kick” out of it. So I phoned her and relayed the story. We both had a good laugh and she said through the laughter, “God sure does have a sense of humor!” But we also saw the significance of what had happened. And the awesomeness! God really DOES KNOW all of our needs. Perhaps that little boy needed a kind word and someone to care for him. Perhaps he needed to hear that Jesus loved him and would always be with him. Perhaps he had never heard something like that before.

I found out later, when my son, Brandon, came home from school, that Brennan Bova is in grade 3 and he is JEWISH! How interesting! Take from that what you will.

God really IS in CONTROL! He knew all about what was going to take place. He even planned it. And I was used by Him in this situation to fulfill His perfect Will. What, at first, seemed like a funny, ironic situation, may have been the first seed-planting in this young boy’s life of Jesus’ love for him and His everlasting presence. Isn’t God cool! He really does KNOW and He is in CONTROL!

Yours in Christ,

Catherine Boivin