God Speaks, Part I

God works through many means. For example, He may bless us through a kind and caring parent, who looks after us as we are growing up. However, for some, He may use a sibling (an older brother, for example) to virtually accomplish the same goal. You know, God can do that! He is God. Many of us have not had the same treatment in life. However, God has dealt with us as He has seen fit.

On another note, when God wants to speak to a person, He can also do that through many means. For example, I was riding my bike one day (two summers ago), and a bumblebee suddenly came close to me and brushed against the side of my face. I am convinced (to this day) that God was trying to speak to me through that experience. The Bible says that God is able to “whistle for the fly … and for the bee” in order to call them to do what He wants them to do (Isaiah 7:18-19). At the very instant that the bee “struck,” I was premeditating sin in my heart (bitterness against another person). That bumblebee got my attention quickly! I quickly recognized that in the process, God was trying to speak to me. And speak to me He did! Before you knew it, I put those thoughts far away from me. I knew what could happen if I kept “meditating” on them and “incubating them over” within my heart. Sending that bumblebee to “get my attention” and remind me that I was “to remain under the headship of my divine Creator” was God’s form of mercy to me. I’m thankful for that! Had I kept incubating that sin over in my heart, things could have got much worse (a relationship would surely have been adversely affected, for one. This is only the beginning of what could and would have happened.)

I am glad that God speaks in a variety of ways. After all, He is a God who has created many variety and “flavors” in this life. He has not created only one type of spice to use for cooking. He has created many. So too, can His ways of speaking to us be very many indeed.

I met a man once who described to me how God spoke to Him once through a dream. In the dream, he said, God used military people to “speak” a message to him. The man, of course, was in the military. God will speak to us in a way that we can relate to. This is God. This is what the incarnation is all about. Jesus came to us in the form a man. He did so in order to be able to relate with us. If you are a very technical person, don’t be surprised if, one day, you end up having a very technically oriented dream that explains something to you. You know, that could very well be God trying to get a message across to you (everything must line up perfectly with the principles of Scripture, however, and don’t place dreams above Scripture. However, don’t ignore them, either).