God Works In Mysterious Ways

I was travelling out of town on Company business two weeks ago and generally when I am away from home, I tend to pray much more for my family and especially my two teenagers, Paul and Robyn. This particular week, I felt an urge to pray for them more than usual this Friday morning and I did. So my went through my day and arrived back in town that Friday night. I called home from the airport and told my kids I had arrived safely and would be home in about one hour. As soon as I arrived home, my son who is seventeen years old met me at the door. My first words to him were “How are you?” His reply was, “I have had better days”. Right away I felt a tightening in my stomoch so I enquired what was wrong and he proceeded to tell me. Apparently, that morning, at about 7:00 a.m. someone hit the car he was driving (this was also about the same time I was praying for my kids).

My first words were to ask him if he was hurt in any way, to which he replied he was not. So I praised God for that and then he gave me the details of the accident. It turned out that he was in the right of way and the accident was very minor. However, I proceeded to tell him that I had been praying for him that morning and that I knew that God had protected him in this accident. So that Monday morning, I proceeded to call the insurance company for advice and also tried to get a hold of the insurance company of the person that hit him. It turned out that the person worked for the Sherrif’s Office. However, when I tried to get information on the Insurance Company he gave me, there was no such listing and when I tried to contact him and the Sherrif’s Office, they had no record of him working there. I was very down, but decided that God was in charge and He knew what my financial situation was and that I would not have money to fix the car. I lay my burden down at His (the Lord’s) feet. I then decided I would wait a week (which is how long it would take to get a copy of the Police Report) before I could do anything. So I would wait until Friday.

On Wednesday night I went to a Bible study as I usually do at my church and for some reason I came home feeling a bit “down”. I got ready for bed, read my Bible and tried to sleep. I had the most restless night ever. Everytime I fell asleep I had evil images appearing, I would wake and pray and this kept happening all night and I kept praying all night. The next morning I could not remember exactly what I dreamt but I knew it was bad. However, I went to work and tried to keep my spirit up. Half way through the morning, I got a call from a Repair Company representing the Sherrif’s office who advised me that Broward company was accepting full liability for the accident and would pay for the repair of my son’s car. I hung up that phone and I started to Praise My Lord for what he had done. When my son came home I gave him the entire episode and he said, “Mom, we have a testimony!”

No matter how bad things look, God is always in control and we need to trust him in every aspect of our lives. Praise the Lord!