God’s Got A Work For You

Way back in June of 2002 – I was nearing my 40th birthday, back then – all-of-a-sudden I had an extra-ordinary dream. In the dream, I was “flying” with a Christian leader. As we flew, I pointed out to him some trees below. We came close and I showed him the trees, of which there were about four of them. They were FILLED with huge clusters of fruit, bunched up sort of like grapes, having “columns” of about 4 grapes each (in the horizontal sense) times thirty or so long, that is, in the vertical sense. Each “grape” was the size of an acorn squash. Some grapes! And they were very very green – a sign of life.

Abundant fruit.



What were these trees, anyway?

Ah. That was revealed in the dream.

They were “Isaiah” trees.

After the dream was over, I got together with my good friend Jim and we searched through the book of Isaiah together for references to “trees”. Of course, it wasn’t hard to do. I simply did an on-line Bible search in the book of Isaiah using the keyword “tree”. There were numerous references, but many could be abandoned because they did not fit the context – for example, some references refer to bad trees, others to different types of trees together. Neither of these fit the context of the dream.

After eliminating several references, we were left with a number of limited choices. After reading through the remaining choices, Jim and I both felt that the reference to “trees” as found in Isaiah 61:3 was the “one” the Lord was referring to. That verse talks about “trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified”.

The trees mentioned in Isaiah 61:3 are God’s trees, to be sure. They are not born of man, but born of God. They are not planted by man’s wisdom, but by God’s. And the fruit that these trees bear, of course, is not “natural” fruit, but “supernatural”, being “born of God”.

Imagine that. Being used of God to help plant “trees of righteousness, that he might be glorified”.

Does that describe you? If so, God’s got a work for you.

“Father, take me into the promised land, where I can pick the fruit of your kingdom! Lord, use me – yes, me! For it is in Christ’s name that I pray. Amen.”