God’s Really Out There

Good Day All,

In the not so distant past, I had promised that when God did something incredible in my life, I would share it with others in the hopes that it might encourage you as you seek to follow Christ. Today is one of those days when I think I’m supposed to try to encourage you.

As I was driving to work this morning, I decided to not listen to the radio, and instead pray for some of you. It’s not something I do that often, and certainly not nearly as often as God would want me to. So, I was driving down Dinnerbell Rd. towards Route 8, raising some various needs of people I know before the Lord. I was about 100 yards from the traffic light at Route 8 when the light turned green before me. There as only one car waiting at the light, and past experience has taught me that I needed to speed up to get through the light while it was still green. I was just about to speed up when the voice inside my head said it was better to take a little longer to get to work this morning, so that I might spend more time in prayer. As I braked and came to a stop, I heard the sound of skidding, and looked up to see a rather large box truck heading north on Route 8 skidding as he entered the intersection going through his red light, and then, seeing that I was not coming out onto Route 8, letting off his brakes and continuing on his high-speed northbound journey. I think I came really close to meeting that truck driver – either as we lay on pavement while paramedics worked on us, or standing before Christ in heaven.

I’ve been known to pray that God would help me finish whatever task He has for me on this earth so that I might go to be with Him. It’s not a prayer to be proud of, but it’s the truth, and most all times it’s just best to be truthful. This morning, I feel like I came closer to that prayer being answered than ever before. By God’s amazing grace, He gave me more time to serve Christ here. I don’t know why God continues to show such grace to me – I’m not any more worthy of His grace and love than any of you, and given the opportunity, I could probably convince you that I’m a lot less worthy of grace than you (thankfully, Jesus doesn’t give grace based on rules like that).

As I think of all of you, I can’t help but think that some of you are waiting for God’s help. Maybe you have been waiting for God’s help for a long time, and you’re starting to wonder if Jesus is really out there, and if Jesus really does things like using the Holy Spirit to whisper in our heads, or like sending angels to help the people He loves. I just wanted to tell you that Jesus is really out there, and is really using the Holy Spirit to talk to us, and really does command His angels to help us out. I know that most of you know that Jesus does things like that every day, but I did promise Him that I’d tell other people about it when I actually noticed how much He does to protect me.

I hope you all feel a little encouraged!

Grace, Peace, and Love in Christ,