God’s Smugglers

There is a spirit that seeks to work in the hearts and minds of Christians, and it is the spirit of fear. This spirit is a troublesome spirit, which has caused many a person to react in ways that they would not have otherwise done, had they taken just a moment to be still before God and seek him about what was going on.

Now, as an example, you may be heavily engaged in the Lord’s work — let us say that you are smuggling Bibles, or other material based on Scripture which is designed to edify and build up, into an area that, to your knowledge, is considered ‘forbidden’ by others. You are doing this with many questions in mind. ‘I wonder if anyone will say anything,’ etc. On the one hand, you are trusting God. On the other hand, you are tempted, sometimes, to allow yourself to be controlled (but not dominated) by a spirit of fear. I say, ‘not dominated by’ because it is not your usual disposition, or character, to be dominated by a spirit of fear. But rather, on occasions such as these, you find that you are sometimes prone to feeling slightly afraid that something might go wrong in the midst of this process of smuggling Bibles (or whatever it happens to be) into that area that you know that God has assigned you to do so.

You, sometimes, then, feel afraid. You might even be prone to ‘self-condemnation’ — you say to yourself, ‘I am doing wrong by smuggling these Scriptures into this area, because it is against the law. And God is over the law. Therefore, I am going against God — I am neglecting his commandment to submit to all authorities. You reason, ‘Perhaps I am doing wrong in my attempts to smuggle in this Scripture!’

Now such is the case with anyone who has ever done something ‘dangerous’ for God. He or she sometimes begins to feel this way, for, we are but ‘human’, as they say, and, well, thoughts like these are bound to come (their origins are demonic). Indeed, it takes a strong person to stand up to thoughts like these, and, if you are intent on serving God to the absolute fullest of your potential, you might as well get very used to these thoughts from ‘coming in at you,’ as it were. For they are truly demonic in origin — simply put, the devil does not want you spreading God’s word! Thus it is quite natural that he should begin to ‘contest’ what you are doing by way of this ‘self-condemning’ attitude which you claim, perhaps, is even your own (though it is not!).

Now we are all in a situation where we are able to ‘smuggle in’ God’s word to places that it may be ‘forbidden’ by some to do so. But remember this one thing: God never forbids entry of his word into any place whatsoever — be that a school, or an institution, a grocery store, a mechanics’s garage, any country, or any place whatsoever. No, but rather, it is man who forbids these things. And, in this case, we have clear injunction from the word as to ‘who’ it is we are supposed to submit to. As the apostle Peter said concerning this very topic, ‘We ought to obey God rather than men.’ (Acts 5:29) So then, we should not fear, but proceed as God would have us do: Full of faith, and assurance, that it is God who is for us, for he will certainly prosper our way if we would but let him. And, as to exactly ‘how’ we are to do this, it is simple: with complete and absolute dependence upon the Holy Spirit as the One who guides us into all truth. (John 16:13)

Now, then, smuggle the word of God into your workplace, through your speech, as you make mention of the things that our glorious Lord did, as recorded in Scripture. Smuggle the word of God into your school, as you lay it open for all to see, while reading it in the lunchroom, or the library (and don’t be afraid to share its contents with those around you). Make mention of him at every possible opportunity that the Lord clearly gives you unction to speak about him (for he will not always do so, should the hearts of those around you be highly resistant to wanting to hear about him). Your ‘smuggling operation’ should be tempered, nay, but rather, undergirded, by fervent and devout prayer. God bless you as you do so. You will never be the same. Your workplace, or your school will never be the same.

Christians, it is time to be of good courage, and to stand your ground like the man, or the woman, that God has called you to be. Today is the day of salvation, and whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved, and without the shedding of blood, there is absolutely no forgiveness. Soon, yes very soon, the Lord shall return! Ponder these things, and make ready the way for the Lord, as you do your utmost to serve him during the days that are ahead.