God’s Transformers

It was strange, really, the way that I was led out the door. I had no idea where the Lord was going to lead me, except that he led me in a straight-away direction, beyond the mound of grass in the distance. Soon, I was there. ‘I guess I’m going to be doing a devotional,’ I mused. But I was wrong. The Spirit of the Lord did not permit me to sit down, but rather, to glean a lesson from the two giant transformers that stood before me.

I look and pondered. Fascinating! Gigantic they were, each stood about 10 feet high, by 6 or 8 feet wide, by 6 or 8 feet deep. They hummed as if to say, ‘Don’t bother me. I’m busy at work.’ On the fence were posted several signs, ‘Caution: 44,000 Volts! Keep out!’ It appeared that these two giant transformers transformed the power going to the entire complex where I worked, supplying useable energy for up to 2000 people, whose jobs clearly depended up it.

I wondered how easy it would be to scale the fence (I did not want to do that, but wondered how secure the installation was for the sake of safety). I noticed that there was barbed wire atop of the fence, to help keep unwanted people out. It was for their own good that the barbed wire was installed.

I wondered what it would be like if, suddenly, the fence decided to argue about its role. ‘I don’t want to be a fence anymore!’, I could almost hear the barbed wire fence saying to its Creator. ‘I want to be like that transformer, able to change ‘raw power’ into ‘useable power’ for the people to use! Man, would that be great!’

I could imagine the fence’s Creator responding back, ‘Huh? You want me to attach those high voltage wires to you? You’d blow up in a second! You were not designed to be a transformer! I want you to stay put and be a fence, just like I created you to be!’ (And the argument could go on.)

But what really was the lesson in all of this? What was the point in all of this ‘transformer stuff’ that I was thinking about, and that was going through my mind? I could feel God’s presence. What was he saying. The spirit was ‘sweet’ (to say the least). I just basked in that Spirit, and knew that he had led me there, out of my busy day, to glean a lesson from one of life’s more modern day inventions (but God really invented it).

I asked the Lord what he was trying to say to me for, as of yet, he had not given me the peace that I had ‘stuck upon’ what he was trying to show me.

I looked at those two giant transformers again. How majestic they were, they had no problem whatsoever transforming 44,000 volts down to a form of energy useable to the 2000 people inside the complex. I thought about that. And then this thought came to my mind to which my spirit resounded with an amazing, ‘Yes!’

‘Only people that are clean can be used as transformers for God.’

Why did it make such sense? Because, that transformer had been specially crafted and designed by its creator to be able to handle those 44,000 volts. A fence would blow up (if the high voltage terminals were attached to it). But not the transformer.

In the spiritual realm, we are told from the Bible that God’s power will not be able to be contained in vessels that are not pure, and fit for use. We (as God’s people) must be ‘fit and ready’ for use. We must be clean. We must be sanctified.

It is only when we are sanctified, that God is ready to pour his power out into us. If we are not sanctified, then we would ‘blow up’ — like that unsanctified fence.

That tranformer had been skillfully fashioned by its creator to do the job that it was intended to do. All Christians, like that transformer, are being skillfully crafted by their Creator to take what he shows them (consider it ‘raw power’ because it is something which only Christians can handle — the world has no idea what to do with it in its ‘raw form’) — and ‘step down’ what God has shown them to be ‘useable’ or ‘practical’ for the world around to handle.

One example is that when you go to church, you get energized by God’s ‘raw power’. (Sometimes it really is ‘raw power’!) You can handle that, but the world around you does not know how to handle that — they have not come to that place where they are able to handle it. Rather than build them up, that ‘raw power’ can actually turn them away, as they experience something that they are not able to handle. And the cleaner you are — the more sanctified and holy and, literally, ‘in Christ’, you are — the more you are able to handle that ‘raw power’ which God wants to energize through you.

You may be able to handle that raw power, but the world around you can’t. You don’t condemn them for not being able to handle it, but, on the other hand, you take opportunity to be ‘God’s transformer’ to this world of darkness, supplying them with a source of spiritual energy which they can handle. It is God’s grace working in and through you that enables this energy to be made available to them. They do not need to come to church to experience God’s power — they can experience it through you, because you are faithful to God, and God desires to make his power know to them, in a useable form, through you. You are, literally, God’s transformer.

How do we do this, then? We do it by being clean and fit for use. Christians must ‘clean themselves up’ so that God’s power will be able to fill them, so that they can safely ‘make useable’ the power which God gives them to be able to minister to a lost and dying world.

‘But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth, and some to honour, and some to dishonour. 21 If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.'(2 Timothy 2:20-21)