Good Morning Students


The debate over evolution vs. creation is not just a dry technical argument concerning isotopic dating methods, dinosaur bones, or whether mutations can turn pond scum into people. What we believe about where we came from determines how we view life, and ultimately, our actions. Answers to such basic questions as “Where did we come from?”, “What is the purpose of life?”, and “How do we determine right from wrong?”, are derived directly from our belief about our origin. If we are just the result of random chance changes that turned swamp gas into people, then life has no ultimate purpose or meaning … each person must determine for themselves what is right or wrong … and truth really does not exist.

This is the essence of what is being taught to your children each day in public schools:

“Good morning students and welcome to high school. Our first lesson today will be to teach you where you came from. Many of you have been taught that God created you. However, that is a religious concept and must therefore be reserved for Sunday mornings. You may keep that belief, if you wish, but we will now teach you more important things like science and reality.”

“You see, Johnny and Suzy, you are really here as a result of cosmic accidents and random chance. Billions of years ago, “nothing” exploded and turned into gas molecules. These gas molecules bounced around until they became stars. These stars then changed simple atoms into bigger atoms. After lots of time passed, these larger atoms and molecules formed a big rock that we call Earth. Parts of this rock dissolved into water and became alive. After billions more years, little critters in the water climbed onto land and started walking around. Over time, birth defects happened (which we call mutations) and these critters turned into other kinds of critters. More often than not these critters wiped out the previous critters. Finally apes turned into people. And here we are. We were not there to see any of this happen, and we cannot really prove how it could have happened, but we are absolutely sure this is where you came from. You see now Johnny and Suzy, why science and reality can teach you so much more than religion.”

“One more thing Johnny. Because you are just a cosmic accident, you really have no basis for judging other people. You must be tolerant. Homosexuality is just a choice. Abortion is just a choice. Sex with anyone or anything at anytime is just a choice (but please be careful). Anything you choose to believe is OK as long as it is good for you. And you get to define what is “good”! After all, you are really just a cosmic accident, and after a few more billion years the universe will collapse back into nothingness anyway.”

“That’s all the time we have for biology and history today. Now it is time to go to your new class on self-esteem and good behavior where we will try to define good behavior for you. Have a good day, Suzy and Johnny, and be the best little well behaved accidents you can be.”

Is it any wonder that lying and cheating are widespread in schools and government? Is it really surprising that despondent students resort to violence and suicide?

Let’s return to true education where students have the freedom to view the scientific evidence for creation. Then they will once again have a factual basis for understanding that their lives have meaning and value, because they are made in the image of a personal Creator. Only then will morality have an immovable foundation because it will be the reflection of that Creator.