Recently, I was talking with a friend who is in the process of adopting a little girl from China. She and her husband already have 4 children of their own, but their kids prayed them into adopting and adding another child into the family.

My friend was discussing how lengthy the process is and the vast amount of paperwork required by the government to approve the adoption. Amazingly, most everything on their end is now complete, but they won’t even get to see a picture of their little girl, Gracie, for 13 months and then won’t get to visit her and bring her home for two months after that.

Fifteen months. Fifteen months that a little one-and-a-half year old girl halfway around the world will have no idea of what her new father and mother have been doing behind the scenes to bring her to them and prepare a place for her. Fifteen months until her life, her destiny, changes forever.

Isn’t it really like this for all of us, though? Our Heavenly Father is constantly working behind the scenes of our lives. Sometimes we can see what He is doing, but more often we’re just like Gracie, unaware of how He is working to draw us to Himself and preparing our place in Heaven. Gracie will soon have an amazing life that is beyond what an unwanted, orphaned girl could ever imagine.

Isn’t it really like this for all of us, though, who trust in Jesus Christ?

Below is a poem I wrote for Gracie, but my prayer is that it will encourage other believers who might be feeling forgotten by their Father.


Be still, Beloved!
In your darkest moments
When you feel
And all you see is the now
Circumstances that seem eternal
Never to change into something hopeful
Hidden from view
And your limited understanding
Your Father is working
For your good
Designing the script of your life
And like a director
Casting his play
God is weaving people and circumstances
Into your life
Forever changing your destiny
Be still, Little One!
And know
That just as God keeps His eye on the sparrow
Your Heavenly Father is watching over you.