Grace – God Giving Us What We Don’t Deserve

A few weeks ago in a home group meeting, I had a very real sense of the presence of God during our worship, where we were just singing along to a cassette tape!

I had stopped singing and had entered a trance like state and it was as though God himself (Jesus) was standing in the same room as me. At this moment I felt an incredible sense of peace and inner joy and contentment. I believe God had brought me into the ‘secret place’. (Please note: I don’t always have these experiences every time I worship.)

All anxiety just fell away and I was where I wanted to stay forever: in the presence of the Lord Jesus. It was wonderful.

Eventually I came out of that place, but later I was prayed for and received real joy and laughing from the Lord. God had been so good to me that evening (and to others in the group too!).

The next morning as I was getting ready for work I was prompted to check my teeth in the mirror. To my surprise, two of my amalgam fillings had been laced with a gold-like substance which I could clearly see and were shiny. I was overwhelmed. I had heard about this happening in the church but was thrilled to experience it for myself.

In my excitement I rang a friend at about 7:30 in the morning (!) and shared the news with him. He later showed me on Sunday that the same thing had happened to him!

Friends, I have done NOTHING to deserve this! God is so good to us. As Christians and children of God, I believe we live in an ‘atmosphere’ of God’s grace and mercy we ‘swim’ in an ocean of His love toward us. In every situation there is evidence of His grace and mercy.

Every morning now as I brush my teeth I am blessed to be reminded of the ‘secret place’, of being in the presence of my Saviour, Jesus.

This experience also opened a door to witness to unbelieving friends and relatives. Praise God!