Two Fridays ago, I took a vacation day to help a friend out. That Saturday the Sheriff served his eviction notice; he was being evicted from his home. I went over to help him move his belonging to a storage facility.

The day earlier, I gave him a call to inform him of a job posting I had found for him on the internet. While we were talking he told me he had received his unemployment check and now had more than the original six dollars he had in his pocket. This is a man who has a family of four to support; he is the only one employed in his family.

He was telling me how on his drive from his parents home to his (then) soon to be ex-home, that he was feeling pretty pitiful for himself. Only six dollars in his pocket and feeling pretty hungry (had not eaten since the day before), when he looked over and saw a man holding a sign that read “will work for food”. At that moment he reached in his pocket and gave the man five of the six dollars he had to his name. He told me he realized that even though he was at one the lowest points in his life right now, he could be in worse shape. He gave almost all he had to a fellow man; he didn’t know him but just felt that calling to help him, and he did.

My friend is walking by faith right now, because what his eyes see is very depressing. But he knows the Lord as his Savior and is relying on him to supply all his needs. This is a man who accepted the Lord a little over two years ago. What a great example of walking by faith and not by sight. This was a huge inspiration to me and I just wanted to share with all.

God Bless

Editor’s note: Inspired? Feel led by the Lord to offer this man a tangible demonstration of your love and support? Click on the following link for the details. God bless you as you do!