Have You Got Unction?

Recently, I felt the “unction” in my spirit to attend a prayer meeting. What I mean by this is that I really felt the “unction” from God to do it. It was not a decision based on “common sense” or “worldly wisdom”, but rather, there was a definite quicknening from God in my spirit. I could really feel it! It was so real, so powerful, so living, so … really … awesome. Well, of course, I have felt that way before. But honestly? Not recently in attending prayer meetings. The most recent prayer meetings that I have attended I have not felt “unction” to attend.

Unction makes a real difference. I mean, the difference is like “day and night”. In the one case, without it, you are left wondering, “Should I really attend this prayer meeting?” and “Will it really make a difference?” Well, of course, there are many factors involved in attending a prayer meeting. Is the prayer meeting biblically based? Do they pray to God in Jesus Name? Are the people there born again Christians? All of these are very important. But what is really nice indeed is unction from the Holy Spirit. Unction is not nebulous. It is definite. It is God putting his finger upon you and saying, in no uncertain terms, “Go!”

Well, I had unction on this evening. There was no doubt about it! That was a real change! And what a welcome change at that! I picked up and went to the prayer meeting. Now you may laugh, or you may cry when you read this, but when I got there, there was this prayer box sitting right at the entrance, and being a little late, I could hear the people inside the room next to me worshipping (the intro to the prayer meeting). Now this prayer box is a wooden box with a hole in the top by which people can write down a prayer request and insert the prayer need inside the box. At some point during the prayer meeting, the box is brought inside the room, and people lay their hands on the prayer box and/or simply gather around it, and pray that God would bless all the prayers that have been put into it. Of course, this is a conceptual thing. While the Bible does not teach this, neither does it condemn it. It is simply a means of asking God to bless people’s prayers. (To my knowledge, the prayers themselves are never read by a human, though by God, of course.)

On this particular evening, as I arrived in the door, full of unction, and as I came near to the prayer box, something very unusual happened. You see, I hardly have ever used that prayer box. It just has not struck me as the type of thing that God would really use to bless me. After all, I figure I have a fairly good relationship with God, and I can share my prayers with others, do I really need this prayer box? Hum. Well, not be too hard on myself, but as I entered the door, this “unction” that was in me was unusually high, in fact, exceedingly high, so that, beyond any shadow of a doubt I knew that God was leading me to write down my prayer requests and put them in the box. Well, without hesitation, I began to write them down, starting with my own family, and extending to my extended family. There were many requests for salvation on that piece of paper – perhaps 15. Now, in some sort of amazing way, God seemed to be speaking to me. Well, there was no voice, but there was this amazing unction! And the unction was very clearly saying to me, “Whatever you write down on that piece of paper, I will answer!”

After writing the name of the last person on that piece of paper, I folded it in four, and dropped it in the box. Wow. The presence of God was so real. I was almost in tears! Amazingly, I turned towards the room where everyone was worshipping, and, of course, they were all enjoying the presence of God themselves (I think). But as for me, I had no such leading to actually enter the room, so I kept my distance, trying to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Could it be possible that God was not leading me to actually enter the prayer room? Well, it is possible! For “all things are possible with God” and it is indeed possible that God was not leading me to actually enter the prayer meeting, but rather simply to be blessed in placing my prayer requests into the prayer box. After considering the situation for a moment, I decided that I did not want to grieve the Spirit who had given me such liberty up until that point in time, and so I turned and headed out the door, and carried on with my errands for that evening, which was to do some shopping! On the list were diapers for our 2 year old daughter. After purchasing them, I arrived home, and, it was now about 8 p.m. and my wife was just about to get ready to put our daughter into bed. I brought the diapers in, and, guess what? We had just run out of diapers and she needed one of them for our daughter! So the timing was perfect!

What do you think? Have you experienced God’s unction before?

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)