He is Coming

Chapter 1: Anointed with Oil

While sitting beside my friend Prince at the home group that met at Sam and Filomena’s house on Sunday, June 5, 2016, I began to share with him a true story. I said, “Around 10 or 11 years ago, when my son was about 12 years old, there was a problem one day. I was having a problem communicating with him, and I sensed there was an oppressive force in the home, so I decided to pray over the house, one room at a time, starting with the dining room.”

“I used a little bit of oil, and applied it above the doorway, commanding any oppression to leave, and speaking a blessing over the room. I thoroughly prayed over that room, then started to walk towards the living room, so that I might pray over that room, as well. As I was walking past my father’s picture (for it was hanging on the dining room wall), the Lord spoke to me, and said, ‘Pray over that!’ The voice of the Lord was very clear, so I stopped, and put a little bit of oil on the wall next to my father’s picture, being careful not to damage the picture. At that time, my father had already been with the Lord for about 5 years, for he died in the year 2000. I cried as I prayed over my father’s picture. There were issues in my heart that needed to be cleared up. After that, I sensed that the house was filled with light. All of the oppression was gone. I did not even pray over the rest of the house, because of the overwhelming peace that I felt was in the house at that point in time. Therefore, at that time, I went upstairs and apologized to my son, because the problem I had experienced was due to something that was in my own heart.”

As I shared this true story with Prince (and it was now more than 10 years later), Prince interjected and said, “Tell me a little about your father.”

Therefore, I said, “My father was a very hard-working man. He always provided for his family. My father was also very transparent. What you saw was what you got. There was no plastic in my father. If he thought a certain way, you would know it. There was no hiding his true feelings.”

Prince said, “Do you know why I am asking you about your father?”

I said, “No.”

He said, “Because a few days ago, I had a dream about your father.”

I responded with a sense of incredulity.

“What!?” I said. “You had a dream about my father?” I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

Then Prince started to share what was in the dream, but I said, “Stop, please! I can’t get over the fact that you said you had a dream about my father!”

It took a few moments for the reality of this to sink it, because I had not expected that Prince would say that. So I had to pause and catch my breath, as it were. Finally, after a short pause, I was ready to hear what was in the dream. Prince had my attention. My ears were wide open!

Why did Prince have a dream about my father? I had never spoken to him about my father before.

I said to him, “Wait. I’m going to get my phone, and record what you are going to say.” So I ran off to my car, and got my phone. However, it soon became apparent that I didn’t need to record what Prince was saying, because he had recorded the dream on his iPad, and this he did on June 1, 2016, when he received the dream four days earlier.

Chapter 2: The Seal of God

The first line of the dream was:

In this dream, Dan Parkes ushers us into a room and was showing us a picture of his father.

This was amazing. This is exactly what I had just done. By way of communication, I had just ushered him into a room and had shown him a picture of my father. This dream was none other than prophetic. It was a revelation from the throne room of God.

This dream had the immediate seal of God on it. God had done that on purpose. He wanted to get my attention.

Thus it was that the first line of the dream was what I would do in real life, and I had just done it! If then, what I had just talked to Prince about was in the dream, what else pertaining to the future was in the dream?

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