He Opens the Doors

I am always looking for ways to share my faith in the workplace, but one thing I am *very* conscious of is to let the Holy Spirit be the One to open the doors, rather than my trying to ‘force’ them open. In other words, I am stressing the importance of “waiting for the Lord’s leading” before I begin to share about my faith in Christ. Otherwise, I just end up being a ‘clanging gong’, as it were, to borrow an expression from 1 Corinthians 13:1. Well, just such an opportunity presented itself not long ago, when I was sitting in the lab with my friend S. I, in fact, never knew what S. really believed in before, and this was an opportunity to find out. What a surprise to find out what people actually believe. The opportunities afforded us are an opportunity from the Lord to try and ‘steer these folks’ in the right direction. Here’s what happened.

S. and I ‘happened’ to be talking about the province of Quebec (like a state, except in Canada), and the fact that I lived there for quite a long time — in fact, I was born there. ‘Somehow’, we began talking about birth certificates — that had to be the Lord steering me to do that — and the fact that in the province of Quebec, a baptismal certificate is as good as a birth certificate. I told him when and where I was ‘baptized’ as a young infant (of about 4 months, as mentioned in a recent devotional). Well, it is interesting, but our conversation immediately turned to spiritual things, and the fact that I was baptized again when I was 23 years old. Of course, for someone in S.’s place, one has to wonder, “Why was he baptized again when he was 23 years old?” So I filled him in on the details about how I became a genuine Christian believer when I was nearing my 23rd birthday.

Well, of course, this continued to lead to further discussion on spiritual matters. S. began to open up to me. S. began sharing with me what his ‘god’ is. His ‘god’, he said, was nature. “I’m more on the Indian side of things”, S. told me. I just listened and waited patiently for the Lord’s next leading. “Lord, what would you have me say to S. about all of this? How do I honor his beliefs as much as is possible, so as not to unnecessarily offend him, but also honor you?” “Well, tell him about the watchmaker,” seemed to be the reply. Well, the story of the watchmaker is the story of how we are not here by accident, and that our accountability is more than to just nature, as S. seems to believe. For that is what S. had said to me. “I believe that if we just take care of nature, that nature will take care of us.”

I explained to S. that just as you know that there is a designer of a watch, because you can see that it is a carefully crafted piece of machinery, so too you have to admit that the world around us, which includes nature, must have a designer. It cannot be here simply by accident. If then, there is a designer to it all, then we must also be accountable to that designer. I explained to S. in as gentle a manner as possible, that to simply say that nature will take care of us is not taking the argument far enough. It is true that we should take care of nature. But we need to understand that there is a designer behind this nature. It is to Him that we must give an account!

S. heard the message, and I believe was impacted by it. Only God knows what is going on in his heart at this time, but the words that I spoke were words of truth that he cannot deny. He must now wrestle with them.

If you are reading these words, it is time to come to the Light and put your faith in Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. You are accountable for your actions and you will one day stand before a loving, yet holy, Creator. You cannot do that on your own. Only Christ can forgive you of your sins. Only Christ paid for those sins on the cross. Christ is your only hope. Come to Christ!

Jesus said, “Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.” (John 6:37b)