Healing Memories

It’s the time of year when kids go back to school, and mother’s — and father’s — cry, because their kids are ‘growing up so fast’. Moms and dads remember when they were just little tikes — like their kids are now — and, it brings back memories. Moms and dads remember how excited they were to go back to school themselves, and now it’s their daughter’s turn, or their son’s turn, to do the same.

‘I used to be just like my son is now. I remember when I was just a small boy (/girl) of 6 and my mom would send me off to school. She always wanted me to be so neat and tidy. I remember how she prayed for me. I remember how she packed me my lunch every day. I remember how she used to pick me up from piano lessons. (etc.)’

Memories like these have the power to heal, because they are a decent, morally proper, ‘escape’ from the painful memories that some of us have experienced later on in life. (If you have suffered earlier on, you will still be able to latch on to good memories, but you must allow God to show you these — they may not relate to the exact same experiences as described above, but you will be able to find them.)

What is happening at times like these? We are inadvertendly doing exactly what the Bible has commanded us to, without realizing it. In the Bible, we are commanded to set our minds on things that are noble, and pure, and true, and right. Many of us have experienced a tremendous amount of pain in our lives and we have allowed ‘our pain’ to become ‘our focus’. We need to shift our focus onto those things that are noble and true.

By focusing on those things which are noble and pure and right, we allow the Healer (God) to come into our midst. It’s like saying to him, ‘Welcome, Lord, into my midst!’ That is exactly what is happening when we decide to do this. We are literally ‘welcoming’ God into our midst — and he comes (and that is what the tears are all about).

While it is true that God does not want us living in the past from a standpoint of trying to hide from our very real and present responsibilities, he nevertheless does command us in the Scriptures to ‘remember the past’ and to focus on those things that are pure and right. ‘Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else. I am God, and there is none like me’ (Isaiah 46:9) ‘Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.’ (Philippians 4:8)

In other words, it is correct for us to dwell on the past inasmuch as it helps to restore faith and confidence in God. God has done great things in the past — that may have occured in the context of growing up, for example, when we were but a little infant — and he can do great things in the future. It is in this light that we ‘remember the former things’. And that, I believe, is what the healing tears are all about when we remember our childhood. These are ‘pure and noble’ things, which can, and do, help to restore faith. It is God who gave you your mother. It is God who gave you your father. It is God who gave you your school and your school friends while growing up!

Experiences such as sending our sons and daughters to school can serve to remind of the good things that have occured in the past. Tears begin to flow, and God is actually welcomed into our midst. Before we know it, some emotional, physical, mental, or spirtual healing has taken place! We are not crying, then, so much for our sons and daughters, as we are for ourselves! The good part is that, as the healing comes, we can impart this brand new ‘love of the Father’ that we have just received to those whom we love, including, but not limited to, our very own children (the ones whom God used to help us remember those good memories). And this is what all the tears are about — designed with a purpose to draw us close to God, and promote a general healing, not only for us, but for others, as well.

Our memories, then, can serve to promote a veritable ‘catharsis’, or ‘release’, for some of us. You may need to ‘live there’ or ‘dwell’ on the beautiful memories of your past for quite some time, before all of the sick, deathly, ugly, and bitter ‘refuse’ that has clouded your mind, body, soul, and spirit, is ‘cleansed’ from out of you. And that is what (proper) crying is all about. It is a ‘release’. Don’t be afraid of those tears when they come — they are cleansing tears! God gave you those great memories for a purpose.

I remember a lady telling me of her experience with that dreaded disease, arthritis. ‘God healed me,’ she said. ‘But how did he do it?’ I asked. She responded (and I will never forget this), ‘I cried, and I cried, and I cried, and I cried, and the disease left me.’ These were not bitter tears that she cried (for bitter tears cannot heal). No, but rather, they were tears that came as a result of the goodness of God to her. And they were true, healing, tears! Today, this woman walks totally free of this otherwise ‘incurable’ disease!

Today, you may be arthritic, you may have cancer, you may be afflicted in your mind, by demons and diseases that have been given legal permission to ‘latch on’ to your undealt-with emotions and fears. No bother! Take those fears and frustrations, anxieties and troubles, and lay them down at the Father’s feet, as you release your pain unto God, by latching on to good memories from the past. If done in the proper manner, those memories will lead you upwards and onwards to a new and restored walk with God, as your loving heavenly Father.

Do not be afraid to do a little ‘reminiscing’ about experiences that you have been through. God’s ultimate purpose through this is to draw you closer to himself, so you can develop a closer, more intimate, walk, with himself. And that’s something that will be worth passing on to your kids in the days ahead.