I was called to go on visitation at my church — this was the Lord’s idea not mine. I was teamed up with the Youth Pastor (now a great friend). We received our visitation slips and took off for an evening of visiting people and spreading the gospel. We had visited several people that evening and were on our way to the last visit for the evening.

Wade informed me these people knew the Lord, but they had lost their daughter suddenly and without warning. She had been involved in a single car fatality crash. It appeared that she was going too fast for a curve — the car flipped, ejected her, and then rolled over her. Our purpose was to console the family and let them know we (the church) were praying for them.

I felt this vain pride (looking back) of how noble of a deed this was. You always here how people blame the Lord when someone is taken away at what they feel is the wrong time in life, then they wallow in self pity. I just “knew” we were going to charge in on our white horses and save the day with a few choice scriptures and prayers. Give them a shoulder to cry on and a pat on the back. If I had only known what was in store for me that evening.

We knocked on the door, and Gina answered and greeted Wade and I. She knew Wade from their daughters attending Wade’s youth services at our church. We all sat down in the living room. I was all ready to witness to this lady of the love of our Father, when all of sudden this beautiful glow came across Gina’s face as she spoke of her daughter and how she knew without a doubt she was with the Lord.

She told us how she did miss her and how they had honored her daughter at the graduation ceremony at the high school. She spoke of how her daughter came to her in a dream and said she was waiting for her and how she awoke with the most peace she had ever felt in her heart.

Wait a minute. This lady was witnessing to us instead of the other way around! She was declaring what a wonderful and loving Lord we serve. I saw and heard the most beautiful testimony that evening of a mother’s love for her daughter and the Lord.

We departed after praying together and all Wade and I could talk of was this lady’s faith. Wade dropped me off at the church where my vehicle was. On the way home I could not get that last visit off my mind, it was heavy on my heart. When I arrived home all I could do was grab my little girl and hold her and cry. Because you never know when the Lord will call someone home.

Don’t wait to tell someone how much they mean to you, because you don’t know if that is the last time you will get that chance here on earth.

I was humbled that evening for I saw the true meaning of faith in the Lord.