In His Time

A while ago I was thinking about the timing of God on different issues. I realized that we (in general) want to have things done OUR ways, usually NOW and in OUR time (even though we “say” with our mouth that it’s God’s). We want to do things of God in HIS ways, which is correct, but in reality, it doesn’t always match our actions.

We have to do it Yahweh (Yah-Way), not our own way…

When I was thinking about it, I had this song in my heart: “In His Time, He makes ALL things beautiful, In His Time…”

It’s a beautiful song, we know about it, but when it’s time to put it into practice, we miss it. We have to go on His time table. It’s not always easy, but when we let Him take charge of it, everything fall into the right place. We don’t have to carry the worry over that thing, but give it ALL to Him.

We have to remember that we (all of us) have been raised to be led by our senses (feelings) and not with God. We have a fight between the flesh and the spirit. It is the Spirit that should lead us. That fight will ALWAYS be there, but I realized that sometimes we forget about it and go back to our “old” ways. We don’t listen to that small voice that says: “wait…”. We generally assume it’s our own.

We all know we have to wait on God’s time, but after a while (usually, a LONG while, according to us), we get fed up. God has to work on our patience. What my pastor said a while ago is this: “It is better to wait than to be too quick and pay for our mistakes.” What I understood is that when God speaks to us we (usually) think that we need to act NOW and it is NOT always the case. We might understand what He wants to do in our lives, but then we have to pray to know WHEN to act!!!

Our father Abraham needed to wait, as a matter of fact he waited 25 years, before he had the son God promised him (Ishmael was not consider a son before God’s eyes, because Abraham did it his way “in the flesh” without Him, God). Abraham did wait on God, but after a while, he acted in the flesh. He had to PAY for his “help” to God!

It might happen that we need to act now, but for few things only. I believe that most of the things that God wants us to do, we need to wait on Him. I’ve heard of some people says that they thought were called to Europe, but after a while they had no more strength, no more money and they were completely discouraged. They “thought” it was God, so they acted quickly. They did it “their ways”, missing the blessings of God. They might have take this matter in prayer before God, but without waiting for His approval, they acted foolishly…

What I’m trying to say is that we need to wait! It might be for a job, for a car, for a house, for a husband, for a wife, or for anything else. We need to WAIT on His time if we want to follow His divine instruction. When God will open the door NO MAN will be able to close!

Be sure that when you move, it is with God, not ahead of Him… (we don’t have to do like Abraham who went ahead and did it in “his” time not God’s).

We have to remember that God wants to bless us. Sometimes we forget that HE IS GOD and that HE wants to bless us. He wants our focus to be totally on Him, then when the time will come, everything will smooth and it will make sense.

When I waited for my job, I could wait several months, but after six months and no more job to apply for, or interview to go to, I thought that He did forget about me. Of course I wasn’t thinking exactly like that, but my actions & prayers were reflecting it. When I had no where else to turn, I had to put my faith in Him, for I wanted His ways not mine, and where else could I go???

The devil always want things now. He doesn’t give us the time to think, we need to act quickly, otherwise… On the contrary, God, who knows the best for every individual, prepares us before He sends us. It took some times to prepare Jesus for His ministry. Actually it took 30 years, for only three years of ministry.

After a year saved, we think we can do everything. Of course, we have been changed and some grow faster than others, but as my pastor says: “It takes time for a tree to grow, so it takes time for a Christian to grow.

We have to learn to give Him all of our worries in our prayers, without taking them back (Matthew 11:28, 1 Peter 5:7). We say it in our prayers, yet we keep on dwelling and thinking on it daily. We need to learn to release that burden, when it’s time… God wants to bless us, if we could only wait for His divine timing! (Ecclesiastes 3:1,11).

When we pray, we have to wait for His answer before we act. How do we know that it’s God’s answer? By the joy that He’ll put in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 5:20).

Be patient and be blessed!