In the Palm of His Hand

When I ended
Your tiny life
Within my womb
God grasped
Your life-less body
And held you
In the palm
Of His mighty hand.

He blew
His breath
Of life
Back into you
With such fatherly care,
Fashioning you
Into a litle
Care-free girl.

Like a gentle wind
He breathed
All over you
And He melted
Your heart
Into a puddle
Of compassion.

His joy
Bubbled within
Until it could not be
And joy droplets
Burst forth
Into song!

No moment
Was wasted
On sorrow
For yesterday.
His big strong lap
Supported you
His big strong arms
Surrounded you.

One day
Again we’ll meet
And the picture
Will be complete
As I thank
My Daddy-God
For protecting you
And saving you
And loving you
And being for you
All that I could not.