In The Secret Place

In years past, I had been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a disease that attacks the digestive system. God healed me; but the doctors called it being in remission. From time to time the devil brings on severe stomach cramps to try to make me believe I have not been healed.

This particular time, it almost worked. The stomach cramps came, similar to what she remembered with Crohn’s Disease. That remembrance also brought on feelings of fear, anxiety and panic. Yes, I took the medicine prescribed by the physician. The pain was still severe, after about a week. I could only eat baby food. The devil began to play with my mind, “I thought you were healed”. I called out to God in distress, “Lord, don’t let me have to be hospitalized.” His response was, “go to a secret place.”

The only secret place in my home was the bathroom, where I took my pillow and blanket. Lying in the fetal position on the cold bathroom floor in the dark, I cried and moaned the name of Jesus, seeking deliverance from the pain.

Gradually, my body began to feel weight-less and I felt as if I was floating underneath what seemed like a giant body of water that had no boundaries. Although it seemed I was under water, everything looked so bright. People, all dressed in white, stood around the great water, looking as if they there waiting for something or someone. Then I glimpsed what appeared to be an extremely bright shadow in the water, motioning everyone to come. All the people in white began to enter into the water. Not diving in, not jumping in, just gently walking in, without even a splash. I felt like I was still just floating around.

Suddenly, I was startled by a gentle voice from afar, “why are you in there on the floor?” I didn’t respond, because the place where I was, felt so good, so pain-free, so wonderful. I just wanted to float there forever. But it was not to be so. The secret place was not a place to live, but a place to be revitalized.

Gradually, I felt myself began to return to the cold, hard floor of the dark bathroom. According to the lighted dial of my watch, 2 hours had gone by. Sleepily, I left the blanket and pillow on the floor, fled down the darkened hallway of my home and jumped into the bed. For the first time in weeks, I slept peacefully and without pain.