Innocent Blood

In my last article, I stated my feelings regarding the impending judgement against the US and other countries although I didn’t name them. Since then I have been bombarded with Spiritual reinforcement through God’s word, other pastors, a book and a video. All of the pieces fit neatly together providing confirmation.

This article is based on Second Kings chapter 17 and 18 as well as some historical information. When Israel and Judah strayed away from God, becoming mired in worldly religions and materialism, He consistently called them back to Him, warning them through the prophets. When they ignored the warning, they were judged. Israel was decimated by Shalmaneser, the king of Assyria (Iraq). Historically, it appears that most of the Israelites were tortured and killed. Those who were left alive were led back to Assyria using rings inserted in their lips, and were kept as slaves. Israel ceased to exist as a nation and the land was re-populated by the people of Babylon, Cuthah, Avva, Hamath and Sepharvaim.

Ten years later, for the same reasons, God punished Judah using king Sennacherib of Assyria to invade the land. The towns of Judah were wiped out, one by one, with the same vicious cruelty that had befallen Israel 10 years earlier. Historically, the conquest of the town of Lachish that guarded the southern access to Jerusalem was the most vicious. Men, women and children were skinned alive or impaled on poles for all to see as the city was destroyed and the population murdered. The brutality of the Assyrians is disquieting, even by today’s standards.

The core of this article is that God’s extremely harsh judgement was against the sins of the nation of Israel and the sins of the nation of Judah. It wasn’t against individual people because worshippers of Baal and worshippers of Jehovah both fell side by side. There was no discrimination or favor shown. God dealt with the nation’s sin as a whole. The entire nation was condemned!

When our judgement comes – and it is coming, it will also be judgement against the nation as a whole and not against us as individuals. The innocent will fall alongside the guilty. Men women and children will die. No one will be spared. There is an important point in the scripture of 2nd Kings chapter 18. When the just influence the unjust and stop the sin, judgement is averted. In contrast, when the just allow the unjust to continue in their sin, they will also fall when the judgement comes. So then, it is our task, as Christians, to influence the nation in which we live. We may be content to stand back and isolate ourselves from the sinful behavior but, just like the just ones of the nations of Israel and Judah, we will fall with the unjust when the judgement is carried out. Spiritually, based on our salvation and redemption status we will be dealt with as individuals, but we will still fall.

King Hezekiah, however, heeded the warning of God. He turned his nation around. When he destroyed the idols of false worship, tore down the Asherah poles and interceded for his people, God was faithful. Later, when Sennacherib threatened the destruction of Jerusalem, Hezekiah stood up to him knowing that God was on his side. Indeed, the Angel of the Lord descended and destroyed Sennacherib’s army of 185,000 men during the night. Historical artifacts, that remain today, detail Sennacherib’s conquests including Lachish and up until his attack on Jerusalem. At that point, he simply states in his graphic depiction of the campaigns that ‘he surrounded Jerusalem and held them captive.’ He was eventually murdered by his own sons as was prophesied, when he returned to Assyria without his army, in total defeat.

It’s our turn to be the Hezekiahs in our time. Our nation, and many others as well, are deep in sin, depravity and Godlessness. We are shedding innocent blood through abortion and other murders. We seek material wealth and safety in the world. We are ignoring God and telling Him to leave us alone. Our time for punishment is drawing near just as Jerusalem’s was. Will we work to change our countries and turn them back to God and Jesus Christ, or will we stand by waiting for our families and ourselves to be included in the judgement to come? This is no longer just a discussion group topic, it is very real indeed. In the US, we have the opportunity to work to elect a Christian candidate and purge our government. We can elect a king Hezekiah if we choose to do so but it will take a lot of work. Do you care? There are good Christian men out there that are in the election pool. Will you support them?

Jesus is coming back soon, but I’m not into self-punishment. I believe the nations and the people of the world are being given a final, grave warning. The message or messages are being given to the populations through people like me as well as others, just as the nations of Israel and Judah were warned. The question is – will we receive it and work to change things as Hezekiah did?