Is Satan Using “The Lord of the Rings” to Beguile the Church?

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some thoughts to consider

I have heard many proclaim that the movie and book series, Lord of the Rings, is a prophetic allegory representing God and His Kingdom in a power conflict with the devil and his kingdom.

I personally, strongly believe that there is a deception behind this assessment. Please consider the following insights:

1. God in His Word, absolutely forbids the practice of sorcery and witchcraft. He has some very strong feelings in regards to these practices….so strong, that in the old testament, the scripture says, “suffer not a witch to live'” (see Exodus 22:18). This strong conviction of the Lord concerning this abomination is carried throughout the new testament where the scripture says that the sorcerer’s portion will be in the lake of fire (see Revelation 21:8)

The movie, Lord of the Rings, is basically a story involving the power of “good” sorcery/sorcerers warring against the “bad” sorcery/sorcerers. Believers who have embraced the movie often claim that the “good sorcerer” and his company represents the Lord and his Kingdom. They see it as a “prophetic allegory”.

On the basis of the authority of the Word of God, this is a false and deceptive interpretation. God would NOT in any way inspire someone to write an allegory representing Himself as a sorcerer, nor represent His Kingdom through sorcery. God would never violate His own Word and use an act that He labels as sin to represent Himself or His Kingdom in any way.

The claim that Lord of the Rings is a prophetic allegory, picturing the war of God and His Kingdom against the devil and his kingdom is a false claim according to the authority of the Word of God.

3. The author of Lord of the Rings was known to be a confessing Christian. Many believers feel that “Lord of the Rings” should be validated as a prophetically inspired allegory due to it’s “Christian authorship”.

Christians must never exalt a person or their proclaimed doctrine or expressions above the counsel of the Word of God. There have been many well meaning and good-hearted Christians over the years who have been terribly deceived and have led many believers into false teachings.

4. Some have testified that “Lord of the Rings” has had a profound and positive influence upon their walk with the Lord and therefore believe that the movie should be endorsed as an anointed tool.

Please understand that the end does not necessarily justify the means. All deception has the appearance of some benefits in it. For example, a heroin addict might say in the beginning of his affair with the drug, “this is the best thing that has ever happened to me……this high makes me feel so peaceful, so free from worldly care,…awakens my spirit … etc” Well, just because the drug has some enjoyable benefits doesn’t make it good for you. Time will reveal the true fruit of it’s effect.


Before I became a Christian, I was involved in witchcraft and the new age. I was on a spiritual journey and my heart was in a sincere place of searching for truth. I was looking for God and for spiritual awakening. I was not a “bad witch”….oh no, I was a “good one”. I wasn’t involved in destruction rituals. I did not desire to harm anyone. I was attempting to help people … fighting against sickness with health potions; warring against hate with love potions, “blessing” garden seed for better crops, and making spiritual confessions/spells to get the lumps out of gravy, telling people good things about their future through the use of new age prophetic tools. What could be wrong with that? And you know what? It all worked! I found it to be very spiritually fulfilling in a particular way at the time. Although it appeared helpful and loving; although it worked….and was personally fulfilling……it was wrong…….why? because the “All-Wise God” said so in His Word!

People would never serve a deception if it didn’t work. People serve deceptions and false religions because they do work….but it doesn’t make the practices right!!! Destruction rituals in satanic covens really do work!!! But they are not right! If God forbids a practice then it is wrong whether it works or not.

Most false religions have some great morals and operate in good principles and sometimes scriptural principles, but we are not to imbibe. This is clear in the scriptures. God’s people were always commanded by Him to keep separate from the beliefs of other nations that surrounded them. When they conquered their lands they had to remain separated and were commanded to destroy all the high places.

If we think in our mind, “the Lord of the Rings must be approved by God because it is a picture of good versus evil”, then we are evaluating it in our mind but not according to the Word of God. This is called “eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”……this is a forbidden tree.


The entire fall of man came as a result of Adam and Eve, evaluating in their own minds whether the decision to eat of the forbidden tree was a good idea or not. If they had turned back to the simplicity of the uncompromised Word that God had spoken, we all would have been spared the horrific consequences that followed.

God can use anything at any time to teach His people lessons but it doesn’t mean He has authored the means. When I was studying the new age practice of astrology (forbidden in the scriptures) before I became saved, we reviewed a chart which displayed the life of Christ. The new age researchers had studied the planetary alignment that was present at the time of Jesus’ birth and confirmed through the astrological prophetic interpretations the virgin birth, Jesus’ two fathers — one earthly, one heavenly; Christ’s death and resurrection; and His miracle working ministry. I was very amazed as we studied it and was drawn towards this wonderful Man who had such an unusual chart. My heart was truly stirred and faith began to surface towards the reality of Christ’s Deity.

The Lord used this practice to reveal Himself to my hungry heart, but it doesn’t mean He endorsed the practice or authored it to bring me revelation. His own Word actually forbids the practice of astrology. God can use anything and intervene with truth in the midst of any deception in order to fulfill His purposes….He can even use the devil’s own weaponry and turn it against him.

Prior to becoming a Christian, I had a moment of spiritual enlightenment concerning the person of Jesus while I was totally stoned on marijuana. This experience does not validate the use of marijuana as an inspired tool of the Lord to enhance revelation of truth….but He did touch my searching heart during that time. Again, He can use anything that the devil puts in our way to destroy us, but it doesn’t mean that He authors or endorses it.

The end does NOT always justify the means.

5. When a Christian opens their soul to deception (like sitting in a movie and “sucking in” the enjoyment of the deceptive content), they become susceptible to receiving a spirit of deception. This is dangerous to a person’s spiritual journey and will distort true vision and prophetic discernment in their future walk.

The first plumb line for discernment must be the Word of God. If an act or practice violates the counsel of the Word then it must be disqualified on the basis of the scripture. You need not go further in your discernment processes.

6. We have discovered, through many interviews with those who have been ensnared by the deception behind “Lord of the Rings”, that the root of their personal deception was found in a judgment in their heart towards “religion” or “the religious”. This became the landing strip for error. Many of the “ensnared” have testified that they were uncomfortable with “religion” and the “restraints” that it brought. In their attempt to be as “free” as possible, they swung into toleration of practices that were forbidden by scripture and therefore lost true discernment.

These have all been very precious people who truly love God, but the critical judgment in their heart, set them up for clouded vision and a fall.

7. Warning for Leaders: Pray for wisdom and discernment concerning doctrines that your flocks are being taught. If leaders endorse or encourage error and deception, there will be grievous consequences for the people.

Ahab was called the most wicked King due his compromise. He led a whole nation astray (save a remnant) through his compromised leadership and encouragement of mixture.

Question: Are we preaching truth or error?


At this point, you might feel a need to receive prayer and ministry concerning any level of deception that you might have received. The process is easy.

1. Repent from opening your heart to any form of deception and ask the Lord to forgive you. Repent also from any critical judgments you have made towards others. 1 John 1:9

2. Renounce your association with the movie or with any deception that the Lord reveals. (“renounce” is a term that refers to divorcement — it is a legal term of separation).

3. In Jesus’ name break off the assignment of every spirit of deception.

4. Invite the Holy Spirit to fill you with true discernment and wisdom.


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