It’s Not About Me

The Lord has just done another work in me. As many of us do, I constantly pray that He will show me His ways. This morning, in answer to that prayer, He gave me some insight into how I have to change my behavior so I can be in line with Him. A sudden awareness or revelation came over me in an instant. I’ve never experienced anything quite like this before but it is totally supernatural and has been extremely encouraging to me. I pray that, through this article, I can share and convey what He has given me because it is so tremendously important.

As Christians, we are less effective when we think that we can contribute anything to God’s work other than to listen and be obedient to His instructions. Each of us (including me), seems to have our own personal ‘agenda.’ We look at people’s needs, situations and events through our own eyes and ears. We then let our human experiences and knowledge influence our personal decision about how things should work out. We have a tendency to pray for specific solutions that are not necessarily our Father’s will. In doing these things, we’re being disobedient!

Our children often feign deafness or intentionally delay their response to our instructions even though we have clearly communicated that we expect an immediate reaction. Even though we have experienced the frustration of having this done to us personally, we ourselves very often filter or delay our response to our Father’s instructions – even though they are clear, concise and require an immediate action. Both our thinking processes and the way we react to our Father’s instruction are constantly influenced by pride, worldly conditioning and limited faith in His power. In simple terms, our reaction to His instruction is based on what we think is good for us, not what He wants. This is manifested in our frequent refusal to submit to His will. Even though we may have an understanding of how God wishes to use us to accomplish His work, we continue in our tendency to ‘hang on,’ to control or to attempt to influence the things we do for Him.

Every day, we hear our Father’s small voice suggest that we do something for Him. We are told to do simple things like ‘Pull over – help that person with the flat tire.’ ‘Give that man the money in your pocket.’ Or it might be ‘go over to that child in the wheelchair, ask their parent for permission and pray for their healing.’ How many times have we been deliberately disobedient and in our human way, by convincing ourselves that it was our own silly conscience telling us these things and not our Father? Why do we often look for excuses when the Father gives us these opportunities for blessing others and receiving a blessing ourselves?

I was recently presented with such an opportunity. While at the mall, I actually encountered the young child in the wheelchair. He was bent over motionless with his face down against his small, clenched fists. I felt very strongly that God wanted me to go over and pray for him but I was disobedient. Even though I knew in my heart that it was the Father’s will for me to pray for that child and his parent, I rationalized the moment away. As I drove back to work I experienced tremendous conviction and I wept because I knew I had failed both my Father and the boy. I prayed that He would heal the child even though I had been disobedient and failed to allow myself to be His instrument.

Now, looking back at that event, I’m comforted knowing that my Father knew what I was going to do. Thankfully, His plan for that child, no matter what it may be, goes far beyond my lack of obedience and understanding. I believe that, knowing what my reaction was going to be, He was using the opportunity to lovingly begin preparing me for what He planned to do in me this morning. He has turned on a new value system and now my life isn’t about me any more. It’s about doing my Father’s will – no matter what, no matter when. He knows what He wants me to do and I know that all I have to do is listen and obey without fear of the consequences. I know that the blessings, the peace and the bountiful life I’m going to receive are indescribable. He loves me and I know that He will nurture and protect me in a way that no one on earth can.

It’s not about me, it’s all about Him.