Long ago a baby named Jesus
Was born in Bethlehem.
He grew up and talked to thousands;
Healed the blind, set the captives free.

Later on this man named Jesus
Went up to Jerusalem.
He no longer talked to thousands;
Instead, He was nailed to a tree.

Three days later the man called Jesus
Had risen from death to life.
He was seen by several hundred,
And some watched as He passed out of sight.

Oh so soon this very same Jesus
Will come back to end human strife.
Yet much of the world’s unconcerned –
Understands not the signs nor their plight.

They don’t know that this king called Jesus
Still holds back the world’s guns and knives;
Yet before His return all will witness
A time of unparallelled hate.

Yet still the mighty Lord Jesus
Calls all people to give up their lives;
Turn around, and ask His forgiveness
Follow Him before it’s too late.

So now at the feast day of Jesus
Won’t you search out all that it means?
For Jesus will take those who follow
Away from their terrible fate.

And maybe this Saviour called Jesus
Will lead you to help as He gleans
His harvest of those whose life’s hollow
And want to come in through His gate.