Just Being There Made the Difference

Recently, I ran out of ink for my inkjet printer. And man, is ink costly! So I did some hunting around on the Internet, and finally came across this place in California that seemed to sell it pretty cheaply. I called them up, and after being transferred to one fellow, I was then transferred to another, but the “other” wasn’t in and I got an answering machine. “Sayang,” as they say in Filipino. Too bad. The man wasn’t there. I left my number, with the hopes that possibly he might call me back.

But you know how it is. What we need we need now and if we can’t get it now, there will always be someone else there to provide it for us. So, I kept hunting on the Internet. Soon, I came across a place in Florida that had what I needed. Hum, they were a little different in that someone was actually there to serve me, right then and there. And no transfer to another person was necessary. Thus it was that I soon had the order placed, and was entirely content with the service I received. And the price? Well, it was a little more than the original place that I had seen, but, then again, the original place was not able to serve me at that point in time! Who knows, I might have been waiting all day, all week even, for service from those guys.

What then does this story go to prove? Well, it is not always the slickest, most able-to-provide the best deal, folks that get the business. But rather, it was the person who was there for me. Period. It’s a simple thing, really, but how often do we think to ourselves, “I’m not capable of doing something as good as another person does. Surely God also would not want to use me. There are so many other people who can do it better, more effectively, who have been trained, etc.” And so the reasoning goes. But the truth of the matter? Well, it’s just like my experience trying to buy ink over the Internet. It wasn’t the “slickest and the most able-to-provide the best deal folks” that got the deal in the end. It was the person that was there for me. And that, I think, is what God would have each and every one of us know. That no matter how “great” you are, no matter how “small” you are, that if you make yourself available to serve God, even in the most simple of ways, that God will, in fact, use you.

Keep your eyes, and your ears, pierced! God is about to do something special in your life, through you … yes, you! Will you not offer yourself to him today? “Dear Lord, oh how earnestly I desire to be used of you to make a difference in this world in which we live. Use me, Lord, yes, even me, so that your eternal purposes might be fulfilled. Take me to new heights, and do something through me that is so awesome, so great, that it will totally amaze me. Lord, I know that you are that awesome God, and you are able to do it! Help me to recognize that it is not always the strong and the mighty that are used by you, but rather, it is those who simply make themselves available to you. For it is in Christ’s name that I pray. Amen.”