Lessons From the Praying Mantis

There was a situation in my life that always seemed to keep my nerves on edge. It involved those who were very materialistic and very wealthy. Not that there is anything wrong with being wealthy, but it just seemed as though nothing and I do mean nothing was as important as their money and possessions. They were always trying to tell me what to do with my money, which was on a scale of 2 compared to their scale of 100. I cried out to the Lord one night and asked him to please let me know how to handle this situation.

The next day, I left my job to take the company mail to the mailbox. I started to drop the mail in the slot when I was startled by a Large (6″) Praying Mantis sitting on the lip of the box. I snatched my hand back because it startled me. After realizing what it was I said: “so, are you making sure everyone puts their mail in”, I laughed and drove away.

The next morning, I was getting into my little truck to go to work when as I started to shut the door, I was startled to see another Large (6″) Praying Mantis on my door. I backed out of the driveway hoping he’d jump off but he didn’t so I stopped and slid an envelope under him and put him over in the grass by the mailbox and said have a good day. I could hardly wait to get to work so I could tell the girls I worked with what had happened last night and this morning. I even wondered if it might be the same Praying Mantis on the mailbox but I could not figure how he could ride on my truck for over 15 miles and not be blown off.

That night when I went to bed I prayed about the situation regarding the situation in my life that kept my nerves torn apart. I finished my prayers, turned on my radio (which I listen to all night long while I sleep) and got into bed. As I was settling in for the night, a Program came on the radio called “Creative Moments”. They said they were gonna talk about one of the most intelligent insects in the world. I became very still because I thought to myself, if they say Praying Mantis I’m gonna freak … well, you guessed it … it was the Praying Mantis. They said, they were so smart, if someone gave them something to eat and if it made them sick, they would never touch anything ever again that even resembled the substance that made them sick.

The moral to this story was: When something keeps you all torn up inside, leave it alone, get away from it …

Coincidence that I had an encounter with a Praying Mantis two days in a row and then to hear this on the radio that night? I think not!

We serve an awesome God who will answer if only we believe and ask.

PSALMS 17:6 I call on you, Oh God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer. (NIV)

Updated: July 14, 2003