Let God Be Intimate

I read something recently concerning an otherwise very respectable preacher, and the quote is something as follows (paraphrase): “God does not give revelations or dreams or visions today, because if he did, then that would be on the same level as Scripture. And God says that whoever adds to Scripture, to him will be added the plagues that are written in (the Book of Revelation).” Now that quote comes from a man who is very ‘high up’ in terms of his ability to persuade others who are in ministry positions. That man (whose name I will not mention) is actually a very good preacher in many ways. The unfortunate part is that he goes ‘overboard’ and claims that God cannot give dreams or supernatural revelations today because if he did, then that would be on the same level as Scripture, and, of course, God expressly forbids adding to his word (eg. Proverbs 30:6, Revelation 22:18).

The question is, does a dream or a revelation constitute ‘adding’ to God’s word? That, I must say, is hog-wash. Or let me ask another question: If I was to write you a letter, and in that letter ‘lay down’ all the ground rules for our relationship, would that then mean that I could never be intimate with you again — that is, I could never speak to you, or communicate with you, in a personal, intimate, manner? I hope the point is clear! If God cannot ‘speak’ by way of dreams and visions — things that are personal and intimate — simply because he has written us his ‘love letter’ in which he has laid down all the ground rules, then something is terribly wrong. My complaint is against those individuals who on the one hand preach that “No man can come to the Son unless the Father draws him” (John 6:44), but on the other hand completely deny God the ability to speak personally, and intimately with those he is calling.

Bear with me on this, if you will. In order for a man to put his faith in Christ, John 6:44 is saying that the Father must draw him. Now how does the Father do this ‘drawing’? He does it by way of his personal, intimate, voice. You see, no man can come to Christ unless he has first had a true revelation from God the Father about who Christ is. It is the same as Jesus said to Simon Peter, when Simon Peter confessed him as the Christ: “And Jesus answered and said unto him, ‘Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.'” (Matthew 16:17) In other words, Peter did not come to this realization about who Jesus really was, except that the Father had to first ‘reveal’ that unto Peter in a personal, intimate, manner — that is, God spoke to Peter. It is as simple as that.

God speaks in a myriad of ways, that is true. He may speak by way of a dream or revelation, or he may speak by way of some ‘incident’ that occurs in a man’s life. But please bear with me on this and understand that no matter how God speaks — no matter what so-called ‘incident’ is involved at that time of God ‘speaking’ — when God speaks, it is ALWAYS underguirded by the “still small voice” of his Holy Spirit — it is a PERSONAL revelation from his Spirit to your spirit. That is how the conversion takes place: It is truly a “God-encounter” with your spirit. You were “born again” as a result of a “God-encounter”. Whatever “incidences” took place at that time only facilitated God speaking with you. The bottom line is that God was intimate with you, and he desires to keep on being intimate with you.

A person who comes to a conclusion about who Christ is, based on some evidence — and if God has not spoken into that man’s spirit — then that man’s conclusion cannot possibly turn into CERTAINTY about who Christ is. According to John 6:44, the ONLY way that a man can be CERTAIN that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, is that God the Father MUST draw him! God SPOKE to Peter, and therefore Peter did not merely SUGGEST that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the living God … Peter KNEW IT WITH HIS WHOLE HEART AND MIND AND SOUL AND BEING! And the reason that many people, in fact, who are NOT Christians are so dead-against Christians who KNOW who Christ is, is simply for this very reason: they cannot possibly fathom how a person could “know” for certain who Jesus is (they themselves have never had God speak to them about this, and what they REALLY need is to hear God’s voice — and that is where your prayers should be aimed at, rather than trying to defend yourself).

Now back to my point. Each Christian has already received divine revelation from God the Father at the very moment that they came to faith in Christ. Perhaps you have never been taught this, but please read John 6:44 again and see what possible other interpretation you can come up with. If you are a Christian, you have already experienced divine revelation from God the Father. Don’t confess that you have never heard God’s voice, then, because you have! What you need to do is to acknowledge that you did hear his voice (since you are a true believer, and you KNOW who Christ is). Secondly, you need to ask God for help in learning to know his voice better! Yes, God may — and will if you expect him to — give you dreams and visions. Please(!) make sure to get in with at least a small group that you can meet with regularly (say once a week for an hour) to pray over any dreams and revelations that you might have received. As you move with this ‘faith expectation’ — get ready to be very surprised, because God will begin to speak to you, intimately … once again … just like he did the day you believed.