Let the Whole Earth Be Filled With His Glory

“And blessed be his glorious name for ever: and let the whole earth be filled with his glory; Amen, and Amen.” (Psalm 72:19)

One of the providential circumstances that occured when I first moved to the city of Ottawa in order to get married was that I got involved in a church that condemned the former “movement” that I had been involved with. Unbeknownst to the pastor of this church, however, I had received a lot of genuine blessings from this movement, even if there were some areas in which they fell short in. I would have to endure frequent denunciations of this movement, inwardly grieving because I had been so blessed through it. The movement’s name was the Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Now the Vineyard Christian Fellowship is not perfect, but they certainly were used by God to bless me on a number of very significant occasions during the year 1991 especially. It was after that that God brought me to Ottawa to become engaged and get married to the sweetheart that I had known previously, but was not prepared to get married to prior to that time. It had not been God’s timing to get married to her. First, I needed to be healed and delivered from some real bondage.

God did his cleansing work in me throughout a period of about 9 months. No, I wasn’t “perfectly clean” on the inside; there was still a lot of garbage to get rid of. But I was “clean enough” to be able to enter into a harmonious relationship with my former girlfriend, whom I had previously shied away from because I was not ready to get married at that time — there had been a terrific fear of disappointing God binding me. What I mean by this is that I was wanting to please God and make sure that I didn’t make a mistake by getting married perhaps, when he did not want me to. Part of this “fear” is a good thing. We should want to do God’s will at all times. But there was another side of it that was rooted in an ungodly fear which I needed to be set free from, which was rooted in an improper image of God as Father. It was this fear that the Lord largely delivered me from while with the Vineyard Fellowship for those nine months.

After the nine month period of time was complete, the Lord had done His work in me. I was ready and able to then get married. Without knowing my full situation, at the end of those nine months a man said to me (prophetically, it would appear), “You’ve been birthed!” (it was a reference to the fact that I had been with the Vineyard for nine months). He was right, for God had brought me to the point where I was now ready to proceed with getting married.

God was so good to me throughout that nine month period. In fact, it was right at the very start of that nine month period that God gave me a prophetic dream, in which He showed me a large span of my life, which turned out to be from March of 1985 (my salvation experience) to a time in August of 2003 when a specific event would take place that would signal the “end” of the prophetic revelation. The dream was prophetic, and revealed to me that I was on a sovereign time schedule — ordained by God; something which I couldn’t change, but which I would do well to pay attention to. In that dream, God revealed to me the start of my working for Bell-Northern Research (later to become Nortel Networks) and He described it as an “African Safari” full of danger and wild animals! “Get ready!” God was saying, “I am going to bring you on an adventure!” There was a difficult moment during the dream when I got my hand “caught in the lion’s mouth” — in real life, that was the time that I was forbidden by a certain “official” to have fellowship meetings at work, or to have a Christian website at work, or to send out emails to a Christian fellowship receiver list — you can see now the symbolism behind getting my (writing) hand caught in the lion’s mouth! That came to pass in the late 1990s, just as God had shown me in the dream which I had had many years earlier and more than two years before I even started working for Bell-Northern Research in 1993! Wow! God knows!

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