Let Us Pray

It pays to let your eight year old son pray and express himself. You just might be surprised at the God-inspired words that come out of his mouth, that indeed have been put there as a burden by God, waiting to be expressed through an opportunity like this.

Recently, I gave my son the chance to pray with me as I was kneeling by my bedside. I prayed for him, and his school, and friends, and things that are generally important to him, as well as for others in our house. When I had finished, and indeed I felt the burden of prayer leave me at that time, he then asked if he could pray (I did not have to ask him). I said, “Sure, please go ahead.” Kneeling and with eyes closed, he said something like this (this is only an approximation, the real prayer was much sweeter indeed):

“Lord, we pray that the bombing in Afghanistan would stop. We pray for the people of Afghanistan that they would have peace from the terrorists. We pray that the United States and Afghanistan would be at peace with each other. In Jesus’s name, Amen.”

Now isn’t that a prayer we should all be praying? As I sat there in amazement listening to the wisdom of my son’s words, I could not help but think to myself, “I’m sure the Lord is listening to this prayer! Yes, I’m sure of it. This is the type of prayer that the Lord is listening to — simple prayers coming from pure and unadulterated hearts such as these.”

Dear Christian friend and parent, may I encourage you to give opportunity to your son or daughter to kneel with you by your bedside at least once or twice a week to start, and see what amazing things the Lord begins to do in your midst.

If your son or daughter is too small, it may of course not be appropriate to kneel by the bedside — a bedtime story would be more appropriate in that case, which of course I still do with my son. But I have seen that at the age that my son is now (eight), it is certainly appropriate to begin kneeling by the bedside and giving opportunity to express oneself in this way.

The prayers that my son has been praying in this manner are certainly God-inspired and I know that God is listening to them. Could it be that the world could and would be changed through prayers of this nature?