Make Way for God

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (2 Corinthians 3:17)

I applaud Woodvale Pentecostal Church of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for opening its doors the night of Sunday, February 18, 2001, and allowing “whosoever will” to come and be baptized! Said one person who had just ‘come because he felt the Lord calling him to do so’, “I decided to come because I felt the Lord say ‘come’ tonight. I did not expect to be baptized. But now I see why the Lord called me to come here. Yes, I want to be baptized! I need to obey Christ’s command!” And so led the procession in which a total of 18 people were baptized that night. If I am not mistaken, I believe that some of them may have attended a short ‘briefing’ of sorts, prior to being baptized. But the excellent thing about this whole thing is that they were not required to do so. And I truly applaud Woodvale for that. That most assuredly allowed for ‘freedom in the Spirit’ which God was obviously pleased by, on account of the person who said, “I didn’t know why the Lord was calling me to come here tonight … but now I know!”

Would God have had that same freedom to bring along that unsuspecting ‘baptiz-ee’ as well as others who were baptized ‘on the spot’ that night if the authorities at that church had decided, in advance, that everyone who was to be baptized that night was *required* to partake in a baptismal class? Absolutely not! Because God will ‘flow’ in our lives only to the extent that we permit him to. Like many have said, “God is the perfect gentleman”. If we say, “No” to him, then he will respect that decision. And unfortunately, we’ll lose out on the blessings that we might have otherwise received. And that is what I mean by our ‘limiting God’ sometimes. We simply hinder him because of the sometimes strict, but not necessarily biblical, ‘rules and guidelines’ that we lay down for ourselves and others. This, in fact, is what the Pharisees were guilty of. We need to be careful. That type of thing can, and does, hinder the flowing of God’s Holy Spirit. Is it any wonder why there is such deadness around in our churches? It is because of this reason: We have ‘boxed’ God in (and that is why I appreciate some churches that are using stackable and/or moveable chairs instead of traditional wooden ‘pews’, because the wooden ‘pews’ again, unfortunately, have a way of ‘boxing God in’. Is it any wonder why God is able to say so freely to those who use stackable/moveable chairs, “Move those out of the way and clear some room for a prayer area!” while the rest of the churches are bound because of their presupposition that the chairs have to be ‘fixed in place’ — I’d like you to think about that!)

How bound are you in your presuppositions? Does the official instrument of the church have to be an organ? Do you wonder why children — who are used to electric pianos, and guitars, and drums — refuse to show up at your door because the ‘old organ’ is ‘fixed in place’ and won’t budge or make way for some more contemporary instruments that are as equally valid as the ‘old organ’ that sits in the corner, reminding us of the days in which it was invented, and perhaps restraining from going any further, as well? On this note, pay attention to the fact that one of the central parts of worship is the music, and without proper musical instruments, how can you possibly worship Christ to the extent that he wants you to? Is that possibly why God himself has not seen fit to fill your church? Do you realize that the wildest, craziest, most excellent spots of revival in the world today are happening among churches that have broken free from these presuppositions, and have finally ‘made way for God’? Here are a few presuppositions that may be holding your church ‘bound’ and ‘captive’, unable to move forward in the manner that God wants you to:

1. I must have a class prior to performing baptisms. (not true)
2. The official instrument of the church must be the organ. (not true)
3. I must have fixed wooden pews in the church building. (not true)
4. There are no apostles or prophets in the church today. (not true)
5. God does not speak by way of dreams and revelations today. (not true)
6. God does not miraculously heal today. (not true)
7. The medical doctor is the first and foremost authority on disease and cures for diseases. (not true)
8. I am limited because of a lack of money. (not true)
9. Pentecostal and Charismatic churches are of the devil. (not true)
10. Baptist Churches are of the devil. (not true)
11. God cannot heal my mother. (not true)
12. God must heal my mother. (not true)
13. God is not at work in the Roman Catholic Church. (not true)
14. A person must go to seminary in order to be qualified to preach. (not true)
15. God could not use an uneducated person to lead the church. (not true)

How many of these presuppositions have you or someone you know been ‘bound’ by? Is it any wonder why we are ‘moving so slow’, as Keith Green would put it? God has commanded us, but what are we doing? We are wondering, and presupposing, and pre-judging, that God would ‘not do such and such because of such and such’. And that is wrong! Please, consider it and change! There has never been a time like the present! Make way for God!