Man, Providence!

Man, providence! I walked into the lunchroom, and there was a new face I’d never seen before. His name is Chris (his real name). Chris looked like a nice guy. There, he saw me sitting in the chair facing the sun, eating my snacks, during the few minutes of break that I was taking.

“It’s nice to sit in the sun,” Chris said.

“It sure is,” I replied, “even behind this glass.”

Our conversation went on in this vein for a few minutes. Then we talked about things closer to home. Somehow, I had thought that Chris was from some far away spot, so I asked him, “Where are you from originally?”

“I’m from Newfoundland,” Chris replied.

We talked about Newfoundland. And I found out that this was Chris’s second day on the job at Nortel Networks. “Man, second day,” I thought to myself. Strangely, I kept on thinking in the following manner, “This could only be … the hand of God in leading me to him. Surely, God’s intention is to bring him quickly into fellowship with Christians around him. This guy must be a Christian. Somehow, this seems to be what God is showing me!”

Something in me was stirring. “You’re going to invite him to be a part of the Nortel Networks Christian Fellowship,” a voice seemed to be saying from within me. It must have been the Holy Spirit. I decided to follow the leading, which clearly seemed to be from God.

“I would like to invite you to be a part of the Nortel Christian Fellowship,” I said to Chris, with a greate sense of ease. It was easy, because, I sensed the “unction” was from God. There was a clear, non-threatening, peace in my midst. This peace must have been from God. There was no “threat” here, so I opened my mouth in obedience. I then continued.

“I’m a Christian.”

“I’m a Christian, too!” Chris replied. “What church do you go to?”

We shared after that about our respective churches — mine being both a conservative and a Pentecostal one. His being another Pentecostal one down the road.

God had “done” it. He had positioned us in the “right place at the right time.” After that, we continued to talk about spiritual things for a matter of minutes. The Lord seemed to be saying, “No rush. Talk with him. Pray with him if I give the opportunity.” That opportunity came just moments later, as Chris opened his mouth, in what I believe to be a “prophetic” type of utterance.

“It would be nice to see not only a room with ten people having a Bible study once a week, but rather, it would be nice to see the whole cafeteria filled with people who are studying the Bible.”

When he said that, the Lord spoke to me, and my heart was calm. “Pray about that.” So we did, right then and there.

“Lord, I pray that the cafeteria downstairs would be filled with people studying the Bible.”

We both gave our “Amen” to that — believing it to be not just a “nice prayer” but something originating from the very heart of God.

“I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Be strong and of a good courage.” (Joshua 1:5,6)