Me Too Christians

As the beginning phase of a major outpouring continues to spread across our world, I see certain groups of Christians being separated out by the Holy Spirit’s purification process. I see these groups in my church and among my friends. There are those that are always out in front for Jesus Christ. They are bold and they stand firm in their belief that they are a high priest and that they are the Lord’s way of reaching a lost world. Many have the sign of the fish on their cars and bumper stickers too. They haven’t got much time for idle chatter about the latest football game or the weather and they always manage to somehow change the subject of any conversation to Jesus Christ. They are truly working toward holiness and believe that, through the Holy Spirit, they can achieve it. They are the ones who will get together at a moments notice, hold hands, and pray for lives, situations and needs. They will make up the ten minutes they took from their job to pray by cutting lunch short or staying later.

Then there are those that never really seem to want to get out in front. A Pastor I recently heard preach coined the term “me too” Christians. I see them as the ones who let someone else do the praying and then they seem to add a mental “me too” on the end of the prayer. They watch someone else witnessing to one of their fellow workers and then they seem to add a mental “me too” at the end. They sit quietly in a church while many people have their hands in the air worshipping an almighty God, weeping for the lost, and add their “me too.” They sit with their heads bowed and eyes closed while others are praying fervently for the unsaved ones who have been invited to church for the first time, then they seem to add their “me too.”

These Christians are missing the mark and they are missing a blessing. We have ALL been called to be bold, to be strong, and be beacons in the darkness of this world. But sometimes I feel as though the “me too” Christians, because of some past or current sin, don’t feel that they are worthy to participate in the Lord’s work. Those people need to remember what Paul said to Timothy. 1st Tim. 1:12-13 says “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry. Who was before a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious: but I obtained mercy, because I did it ignorantly in unbelief. And the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.”

Some people don’t fully understand what Paul is saying. When it came to being a sinner, he said he was the worst of the worst. Historically, we can find that Paul was indeed obsessed with maliciously persecuting Christians. He was known to have fathers and mothers dragged out of their homes, sometimes in front of their screaming children, to be crucified or murdered. It was because of the nature of his sin that he was chosen by the Lord for salvation and ministry. If Paul could be changed and was worthy of salvation and ministry than ANYONE is worthy.

On the other hand, some seem to think that because they were born again at a young age and have led a relatively holy life, that they don’t have a spectacular testimony. They feel as though they can’t possibly compete with a reformed drug addict in witnessing and ministering to others. That’s pure nonsense and it’s from Satan! Everyone has to stand up, step out, and get busy. There is no place for the spirit of slumber in our churches or in the Church. This is the time of harvest. Many of us awaken each day with a tremendously strong feeling of anticipation. Something powerful and wonderful is coming to the Church for the first time since our Lord left and gave us the Holy Spirit. Some of us Christians are ready, and some are not. When recently graduated newlywed Christian missionaries to China are being paraded naked through the streets and beheaded for preaching the Gospel, how can anyone possibly be comfortable with their lack of participation in the Lord’s work?