Minister to the Forgotten Ones

(“I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt … in … thy mother” 2 Timothy 1:5)

As pages through my life,
Flip quickly one by one,
A face arises from the pages,
Of my very special Mom.

She’s never led a tent crusade,
Or been across the sea,
But her love poured into many,
Affects all eternity.

Many, quiet forgotten folks,
Ones that most ignore,
Have been touched by her quiet, gentle spirit,
Through her, they’ve seen the Lord!

Through her meek and gentle heart,
Through her comfort, through her care,
She enters with a simple word,
“Friend, Jesus is always here!”

Big tears pop out as these words are spoken,
Words forgotten through the fire,
The simple Truth of God’s Word,
“He was dead, but is ALIVE!”

Faith rises from the heart,
Eyes now focused on the Son,
Encouraged, strengthened, heart renewed,
Ready to overcome!

She must move on to see another,
She has a busy day,
But, yes, there’s enough time,
To read a verse and to pray.

She leaves the room, but something’s changed,
The person no longer feels alone!
All throughout the room.


Mom, thank you for the legacy,
Of a loving, servant’s heart,
Giving life to the “quiet ones”,
Enjoying your special part…

Of His Work right here at home,
Though you longed to go overseas,
You chose His Way, instead,
In this He is well-pleased.

For laying down your dreams,
For those in convalescent homes,
The Father’s face is gleaming,
That you have touched these ones.

“No, no they’re not forgotten,
By Me or by My Son,
Your ministry’s hardly started, Pauline,
It’s really just begun.

“Hold on to me, forget the past,
Let it just fade away,
Take my gentle yoke upon you,
Walk with Me today.

“The time is very short,
My return is very near,
Raise them up from their dying beds,
So that all may hear.

“No, I’m not dead, in fact,
My Heart’s never missed a beat,
Send them out as you raise them up,
My Work you must complete!”


Father, how I thank you,
From now til I see Your Throne,
For a faithful, loving Mother,
Whose life showed me Your Son!

Paul Sadler
Mother’s Day, 1991

Footnotes to “Minister to the Forgotten Ones”
By Paul Sadler (January, 1998)

I wrote “Minister to the Forgotten Ones” six months after my Mom was diagnosed with myeloma (bone) cancer, the disease that four years after this poem was written, would cause her death.

Since most of you never met her, here’s a short biography.

Mom was born in 1925 in a small community in South Mississippi. She was raised in a Christian family, and received Christ herself at a young age.

In the late 1940’s she received a degree in Elementary Education from then Mississippi Southern College in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Upon graduation, she pursued and received a Master’s Degree from a Baptist University in Louisville, Kentucky. She was all set to go to the mission field in Africa, when she found out she would be teaching adults. Her heart was on teaching children. So, she returned to Mississippi to teach in a small Mississippi town, where she soon thereafter met and married my Father. They had three boys, of which I am the youngest.

Throughout her life she was active in religious activities. But she was more than religious… she lived the life of a servant… always giving to others. Even after retirement in her early 60’s until her death at 70, she was always active helping and praying for others. She joined a program in which she tutored adults who could not read. She ordered and delivered “The Bible on Tape” and the Large Print edition of the Methodist Church’s “Upper Room” daily devotional guide to numerous people physically confined to their homes or a hospital. She was active on her church’s intercessory prayer chain.

On July 10, 1995, my wife Becky and I had the opportunity to watch her breathe her last breath of earthly air and see her step into eternity.

I pray that through “Minister to the Forgotten Ones” your faith will be strengthened.