My Confession

“In that which is bad, I am who I am because I have sinned. My parents have sinned, too, and I plead, oh, Lord God, for your mercy upon them as well as myself. I also plead with You for the forgiveness of sins on behalf of my nation, of which I am a part. In that which is good, I am who I am because God made me that way. I do not take credit for this — after all, God made me that way.”

“I am a responsible human being. I do my job with diligence. I take care of my family, even if it is painful sometimes. I will not be swayed in my determination to be responsible in all areas of my life. God is merciful to me, and has placed me where I am so that His purposes for me on this earth might be fulfilled. I rely upon God’s great strength and power working in me in order to fulfill my responsibilities. I give God glory in whatever I do. I seek His honor in all that I do. I do not seek my own. If I have to give up something in order to serve Him better, I will gladly do that. If I have to sacrifice something in order to serve Him better, I will gladly do that. I will submit to my Maker in all respects. Him alone do I want to please.”

“God, help me today to be like Jesus, inasmuch as He humbled Himself, even to the point of death on a cross. Lord, I know it is difficult to carry the cross. Whatever that thing is that means “death” and “pain” to my fleshly desires, this I will gladly do. Lord, I am today willing to face whatever pain is ahead of me and to let go of all that is behind me in order to serve You better. I am willing to confront and deal with those things that are painful in my life. I do not shy away from them — but face them as a boxer would face his opponent in the ring. He would not turn the other way, lest his opponent knock him down. In the same way, Lord, I am willing to confront those issues which are painful in my life. Help me to do that, Lord, by faith, and with Your courage and determination working in me mightily.”

“I will give up smoking, habitually watching television, overeating, gambling, drinking, illicit relationships, a begrudging attitude, finding pleasure in lustful thoughts, swearing — yes, all these and much, much, more — in order to serve You only. I am determined to seek Your kingdom first, and only You will I serve. These other things I put behind me. I confess them as wrong, inasmuch as they are selfish. I confess them as sin, and ask you to forgive me, and make me Your dear child, by faith (if I have not done so already). The cross I put before me. My eyes are set on serving You and You alone.”