My Father

If you don’t mind, I’d like to boast about my Father a little bit.

You know, my Father is just incredible. He meets all my needs. He’s there whenever I need him. He’ll never forsake even in the worst of times. He has an answer for every question (I admit, sometimes he says to “wait”). He’s always good and never evil. Every decision that he makes with regards to my life is padded — left, right, front, behind, top, and bottom — with wisdom … and it’s true, I sometimes don’t understand his decisions, but because he’s so trustworthy, I don’t have to!

My Father is so much higher than I am. He sees everything perfectly. Nothing clouds his vision. Even when it’s rainy — on the outside, or on the inside of my heart — he says, “Here’s the beauty in that” and he’s able to find something good in the midst of it. My Father overlooks so many of my faults, but holds me accountable for every decision I make. The beauty of trusting my Father is that I know he’s perfect in judgment and perfect in mercy. My Father said this to me one day, when I was reading his letter to me, “Mercy triumphs over judgment”. I knew then that I didn’t have to fear his judgment, as long as I was willing to trust him in every area.

My Father surprised me one day. He said that following him wasn’t always going to be easy. He talked about suffering for him. It caused me a great deal of confusion because I thought that my Father didn’t want me to suffer. But somehow my Father seemed to be saying to me, “Trust me.” Even today, there’s a part of me that has a hard time trusting him. But when I let loose and trust him completely, then he does amazing things in my life, and says, “See, didn’t I tell you you could trust me?” Time and time again my Father surprises me by blessing me in unusual ways, and I know that he is saying to me, “See, you can trust me even more!”

Slowly and surely I’m learning some lessons that my Father is trying to teach me. I admit it has sometimes been slow. Sometimes I have simply refused to love myself, even though my Father loved me. Dad – he’s incredible. I have to leave you with this thought about my dad. I mentioned it before, but I have to say it again, because it is so incredible. Dad says that the one who trusts him he will accept to be with him forever and ever. Never again do you ever need to worry about being abandoned. Never again do you have to feel lonely. Never again – for now, and forevermore.

I want to invite you to trust my Father today.

“To day if ye will hear his voice, Harden not your hearts.” (Hebrews 3:7b-8a)