My Meeting with Gord

After battling the devil all morning (pain and agony running all throughout my body, mind, and emotions), and in the midst of overwhelming fatigue due to a very long “weekend” in which God was glorified to the max as people came over to celebrate Jesus in our home, I finally arrived at a wonderful sense of peace. The pain, the emotional struggle, the spiritual struggle, all seemed to die down considerably, and I knew, once again, that there had been a battle raging in the heavenlies, as is often the case (don’t be alarmed, this should be nothing new if you are a Christian).

By this time — oh, the battle had been fierce — it was now the early afternoon. I came back from lunch and walked in the front door of the office building, feeling relieved. Peace was in my soul. There — providentially, approaching the elevator — was a man whom I had felt the leading to witness to before, but without (in my opinion) and real success. At least, he had seemed very resistant — too intellectual for his own good, in fact. “Lord, help me!” I cried inwardly from my spirit. The elevator doors opened and we both proceeded to get in.

Gord, how’s it going?” I asked him, as the elevator began to make its ascent from the first to fourth floor.

“Fine,” Gord answered. “How’s it going with you?”

“Absolutely fantastic. Couldn’t be going any better, in fact,” I exclaimed with a sense of overwhelming enthusiasm. I meant it, too. That is how I felt, and, positionally, in Christ, I was always on the winning side! So there was cause for continual rejoicing, like the apostle Paul said, “Rejoice, and again, I say, rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4).

“Oh really?” Gord asked. “Absolutely fantastic? Tell me about it.”

Quickly I responded, sensing that this was a chance given by God to testify of His greatness. Gord knew all the Jesus stuff, already — I had tried to share with him before, and, well, it was evident that he knew “the stuff” already (only, he hadn’t responded to it).

“Well, my relationship with God is great,” I responded. “If I were to die right now, I know where I would be going. It’s nice to know where you would be going if you were to die.”

“Yes, it’s nice to know,” Gord responded. Gord knew what I was talking about — no more words needed to be said. Anyway, the elevator had now arrived at the fourth floor and it was time to get off. Perfect timing. God’s timing always is.

Would you please pray for Gord? I sense the Lord is really wanting him to put his faith in Him. Gord has been resisting the Holy Spirit for a long time. One day, if he keeps resisting, it will be too late.