My Peace I Give Unto You

It was in the early summer of 1987 while living in a relationship with another woman, that I experienced the Lord Jesus Christ drawing me to Himself but never realized this was happening. I had just started living with my forth partner and, after she moved in, she decided to go see her dad who lived in Canada, where she was born. Before she left, she had a cassette that had this instrumental music on it and it played over and over again several times before it stopped. After she left, I would listen to this instrumental music every night before going to bed. In fact, this music would lull me to sleep. I had no idea what the name of this music was, or where it came from. All I knew is that I felt peaceful and content when listening to it every night at bedtime and I could not hear it enough.

My partner returned after spending several weeks with her Dad and the cassette disappeared, never to be heard or seen again.

This woman lived with me for approximately 5 years until one day she informed me that she was moving out. One year prior to her moving, I had called on the Lord for the first time in my life since the age of 18, asking if He was really there, to get me out of this life style because I was not content and didn’t know how to put an end to the life I had chosen. Needless to say, when my partner informed me she was leaving, I was distraught at being left alone. In one of my fits of anger, I heard this still small voice say, “You asked for this.” When I heard this, I couldn’t help but think, yeah, I asked a year ago, not now! This is when I first realized that His timing was not my timing.

Once my life changed, (which you can read my testimony and understand how the Lord orchestrated the change of my life – see “Praise The Lord For Being My Everything” at along with more of my Testimonials of the Mercy and Grace of Jesus Christ), and I had been attending an in-depth Bible Study for about a year, I started listening to BBN Radio (, I stopped listening to any type of secular music and my radio station never switched from BBN (back then, BBN was the only Christian Station available). I even listened to BBN all night long while I slept. One night as I had just laid down for the night, all of a sudden, I heard this music for the first time since the nights of listening to that cassette. I sat straight up in bed, turned the light on, waiting for them to give the name of the music. I could not believe that I was hearing this music again that made me feel so peaceful and content. They never gave the name of the music. I called the radio station on several occasions trying to get the name to no avail. I explained how important this music was to me. I would listen every night just to hear that music. Not long after that, they actually played the music during the day and it had words. It was “My Peace I Give Unto You”, ( The words to the music are so simple and pure as shown below:

My Peace I Give Unto You

My peace I give unto you

It’s a peace that the world cannot give

It’s a peace that the world cannot understand

Peace to know, peace to live,

My peace I give unto you.

That still small voice impressed upon me that night, that He had been calling to me ever since that day back in 1987. He was preparing me at that time to receive Him. To know that He does reveal himself to us but we have to be receptive. To know that only He can provide that peacefulness and contentment that we all desire and long to have. To know without question that He does hear us when we cry out to Him and He IS Faithful and True. I am so full of His love for me that I sometimes sob uncontrollably to think that He chose me to be saved from an eternity without Him. Take comfort in knowing that He will and can do the same for you. All you have to do is ask and He will be Faithful to answer.