My Personal Salvation Testimony

God got a hold of my life about 30 years ago. It was during the Jesus People revolution and a lot of young people were looking for meaning to life. I was one of them. I looked in many places and ultimately thought the meaning rested in the use of drugs. I even remember the time we offered a homosexual a way out of his predicament, through the use of marijuana. We fervently “evangelized” this guy, because we wanted to save him. How darkened my mind was at that time.

In retrospect, I could see how God used many situations to present himself to me. I remember the time we accepted a ride from some Jesus Freaks who gave me a tract. We all laughed at the message, but somehow inside I did not laugh. God was fishing and He had his hook in my mouth. It all culminated one night, when I was flying higher than a kite. I lost my hearing and I was hallucinating like crazy. I panicked and in my utter desperation I cried out to God. He dealt with me in such a kind and gentle manner, that even now as I am writing this, I am beginning to cry. For hours I was on my face, grabbing hold of the bed stead, crying out to Him. His grace flooded my heart and all the poison within me left. I felt truly cleansed. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God existed and that He loved me. Anytime I have doubts I point out that time and place and remind myself that this is where my personal salvation started.

The next day the sky was bluer and the grass was greener. I had been born again and I knew it. I was not perfect, but I had renewed communion with the Father. My drug friends would phone me that next day and would want to give some drugs, but the Spirit of God rose up within me and I categorically told them I could no longer be their friend, since I was now a Christian. Nothing mattered except pleasing God. I think now I would have used the opportunity to evangelize my buddies, but somehow I knew I had to make this stand.

From that point on, God directed my steps and I joined a Bible believing, God fearing, Spirit filled church that were filled with Jesus People. Evangelizing was normal and encouraged, and I really grew. I remember a time that God encouraged me to witness to this grubby looking person. I’m glad I did, because after sharing the gospel with this person, he literally disappeared (I only looked away for a second and he was gone). God is so good. The scripture about ministering to angels unawares came to mind right away and God was so gracious that He waited for me to look away for a brief moment. He could have zapped him away right in front of me, and I would have freaked. As it was I was so encouraged that I could hardly wait for the next person. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that evangelism is so close to the heart of God, that he helps us in so many ways. We do our part and He does His.

That was 30 years ago and I constantly marvel at His keeping power. In the Bible, the apostle Paul says that he is convinced that He is able to keep that which he committed unto Him against that day. It only seems like yesterday that He got a hold of my heart.

I thought I had life before, but Jesus changed my mind on that. Jesus said in John 10:10 “… I am come to give you life and that more abundantly”. Trust in Jesus and He will build His character in you and you will experience abundant life. You don’t have to go to church to accept Jesus, ask Him into your life right now. If you don’t believe God exists, ask Him to reveal Himself to you and He will. Be sincere, God always responds to sincerity. Don’t wait until tomorrow, it never comes. Ask Jesus into your heart right now. Jesus loves you and has a beautiful plan for your life.

Ed Bons


Editor’s note: Jesus Christ came to forgive us of our sins. He died for you on a cross. By simply trusting in him, you can be saved from God’s wrath against sin, forever. Jesus said, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” You can enter into this abundant life, right now, if you want. Just trust him. He promises to come into your life, and forgive you of your sins, since he paid for your sins by dying on a cruel cross in your place. Will you trust him today and experience the joy and sense of forgiveness that our author today has demonstrated? God bless you as you do.