My Personal Salvation Testimony

“The Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword; piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12)

I was brought up Roman Catholic but my parents were not devout. Consequently I did not take much stock in their religion, either. I have always had a keen sensitivity to things of God and the spirit realm. But I found no answers and indeed sought none until my late teens. I would often have dreams. Most of them were terrifying.

Bored one summer when I was 17, I picked up the Reader’s Digest Condensed Book about the life of Jesus Christ. I had read interesting stuff on black holes and paranormal abilities and found those things fascinating. I seemed to be connected, having a sixth sense about when a friend was going to call or stop by. But this book sparked an interest that was both intriguing and compelling. I tried to find out if it was true by reading the BIG Bible on the bookshelf. Genesis… too difficult. Leafing through I discovered a short book called Ruth. That was OK. I kept looking for the “Jesus stuff” until I landed in the New Testament.

When school began in September, I ran to the library to find a smaller sized Bible so no one would notice I was carrying it around all the time. They had a Gideon’s Bible. I read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. When I got to the story of Nicodemus in the third chapter of John, I knew that I wanted just what they were talking about: to be born again. I then had one of many private conversations with God.

I was drawn to the Word of God consistently. I would check that Gideon’s Bible out every 2 weeks until the end of the school year. Then I lost it, and had to pay a $3.00 fine. But after graduating from high school, I discovered the treasure at the bottom of my locker. My first Bible was old when I received it and lasted another 8 years until I bought a new one and blessed a struggling soul with that one.

The Word of God has been my sustenance through many difficult journeys. I married young and soon had 3 and then 4 children. We were always struggling, often living on welfare, but always finding my refuge in my Lord. I wrote spiritual journals about the insights He gave me. Seven years after being saved I found a small country church and began my journey of fellowshipping with like believers.

Just about that time the Lord began teaching me about baptism in the Holy Spirit. The church brought me to the place where I was baptized publicly in a lovely pond a month after the birth of my first son. A month later I was filled with the Holy Spirit at 6:30 am while talking to God about what a beautiful day he had blessed us with.

I have read the Word (Bible) through many times and many passages are now like old friends. The Psalms are my refuge in times of distress. Jesus is my Rock and my foundation. We have been blessed to have fellowshipped with many different churches in our travels. I could not begin to thank the many dear brothers and sisters in the Lord that have blessed us.

The Lord has worked many miracles in our family’s lives. He changed my heart so that I could understand how children were a blessing from God. He was with me when my baby died and I almost died. He taught me how to praise him in my dreams and make the enemy flee! He gave me the opportunity to play my flute for him as I never could play before. He healed my mother of lung cancer. He was Father to my children and husband to me when we were destitute. He brought us food when the cupboards were empty and I was literally standing on His Word for provision. He taught me how I always have myself to give, when there is no money at all. He has brought me out of the miry clay of self-doubt and lack of self-worth to become a successful professional.

We have been both homeless and have had the privilege of sharing our abundance with those in desperate need. He often allows me to bless others with words of encouragement that could only have come from Him. He has taken all my shortcomings and failures as a parent and blessed me with wise, godly children. Most of all He has continued to bless me with a vibrant, sustaining relationship with Himself. I can speak with God wherever I am and he always hears and accepts me. He has loved me from the foundation of the world and I will forever rest in the palm of His hand.