My Personal Testimony

— Given at my Water Baptism, September 1996 —

I had first become a Christian about 17 years ago due to my Mom and Dad’s faithful prayers and spiritual guidance. But once I married and our family expanded there no longer seemed to be time for the Lord.

I still belonged to the Catholic Church but I lacked a strong Christian fellowship, and I was not involved in any Bible Study group or prayer partnership.

Over the years, I withdrew more, and more, from the Lord, and I did everything ‘my way’. That is … up until about 4 and 1/2 years ago … when I began going to non-denominational Christian services at the Ottawa Area Congregational Church where Peter Hartgerink pastored.

My first visit was more out of curiousity – I was certain I wasn’t going to like my parent’s new church. But there was something there that I had missed in the Catholic Church. There was ‘life’! There was ‘compassion for others’. It was like ‘family’. And there was real personal challenge in the sermons!

I became ‘hooked,’ and the Lord pulled me in – deeper and deeper! He began a ‘new work’ in me. He revived and renewed my first love for Him. And He brought me back to where I was, but beyond even that (and in such a short period of time)!

This time my feet are planted more firmly. I rely on my brothers and sisters in Christ to help and support and encourage me along the way. My ‘joy’ and my ‘peace’ in the Lord have been revived — but tenfold! He has put ‘dance’ in my feet and ‘a song’ in my heart and I praise Him!

Yours in Christ,
Catherine Boivin