My Story

It was 1965 when I met the girl of my life, my wife Bette. She was a Christian, but I was not. We met while directing a play for a children’s theatre group. Although I was lost in sin, I knew there was something missing, something that I could not fill no matter how hard I tried. Well, Bette was a wonderful girl, she told me about Jesus and what a difference He could make in my life it I would only accept Him as my Savior. It took a while, but I did. We ran away to Honolulu, Hawaii (where we were married August 30, 1968). We lived in Hawaii for four and a half years, but we were still pretty much carnal Christians. We came back to the Mainland and settled in California after spending 18 months in Buffalo, New York.

It was in 1979 that we really met the Holy Spirit. We belonged to a small church group which met in a YMCA hall that really were a group of caring Christian People. With them, we attended the Bill Gothard Institute of Basic Youth Principles and also Bible Study Fellowship. These two things have made a wonderful difference in our lives. We are bonded through the Lord Jesus and our lives are as joyous as can be in these trying times. Bill Gothard also taught us what our spiritual gifts were: Mine is to be a servant and my wife is a prophet.

We continue in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) which we have attended faithfully since 1979. I have since been chosen as a Discussion Leader in the group which I attend on Tuesday evenings in Menlo Park, California at the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and my wife is a greeter in her day group on Thursdays at the First Baptist Church here in San Mateo, California.

God has been good to us! After 27 years of marriage in 1995, he led us to buy a condominium here in San Mateo that is the first home that we have owned! We praise him and daily use Daily Bread as our morning devotional together along with a chapter (coinciding with the day) of Proverbs.

We are looking up awaiting His return on that glorious day!