My Testimony

I grew up on a farm and enjoyed working on the farm. We went to a rural, traditional, dead church. We went to church when Mom and Dad felt like going. I remember Dad always giving me and Mom a dollar to put in the offering plate as it went by. I learned very little in church since it didn’t have any significance to me nor my parents.

I was, however, very close to my parents. I was one of the very few teenagers who enjoyed going to the store and being seen with my parents. I went fishing with my Dad a lot. We would wake up early in the morning to go fishing and we would see beautiful sunrises. When I would make some comment about how beautful a sunrise was, my Dad would say “I can’t see how people wouldn’t believe in a higher power”. That was the extent of my Dad sharing spiritual insights with me.

During my sophomore year of college I would come home about every other weekend and when Mom and Dad did not feel like going to church I would watch television. By the grace of God, I started watching a well-known televangelist named Jimmy Swaggart. I was really learning some interesting things that I had never learned in church. At the end of his teaching he would invite people to ask Jesus Christ into their hearts. One morning I did just that. For about the first year my spiritual growth was slow but then I met someone who invited me to a Bible study and that’s when my growth really took off. It wasn’t long before I met my wife-to-be in a singles Bible study.

God has given me and my wife a heart for children and youth. I teach a kindergarten/first grade Sunday school class and my wife teaches a class of teenage girls.

We have been married for 11 years and have 3 wonderful children. Praise be to God for his blessings, grace and mercy!!!