My Testimony

Thisis my testimony of my salvation.

Everyone has a story to tell,

they say. This story is about my salvation, in broad terms. How Iaccepted Jesus as my savior. The only one true and living God.Abraham’s, Isaac’s and Jacob’s God.


a child I was taught about God in Sunday school. At the time, (is mymemory, anyway) all the children in my home village went in Sundayschool. Sunday school was held in a small chapel in the village andyou got an hour of education every Sunday morning. The adults in thevillage were all more or less faithful but it was not that many whoattended the church service on Sundays. Surely many listened at thechurch service that was broadcast on the radio every Sunday. In theage 10-12 years you were too old for Sunday school and were insteadincluded in the juniors, also the mission of the Church’s auspices. Ihave two very vivid memories from that time.


I was around six years old, the following happened. I had put myselfin the evening but could not sleep. I was worried that I hadforgotten to thank God for something. Perhaps there was something Ihad missed. I lay there in bed and counted out than the one than theother and thanked God. It seemed to never end. There was so much tothank him for. But I was afraid of having missed something so I wenton and on thanking. Suddenly occurred as follows. I got to experiencesomething that I never before or since have experienced, at least notto that extent. I felt a stream of “water” as an internistshower from the head down through my whole body out of the arms andlegs, very pleasantly and I became completely calm. All the anxietywas gone and I fell asleep. As a child I never told anyone aboutthis, but God had actually allowed me to understand by a physicaltouch that he was a reality.


to my next memory. As a junior (11-12 years), I was once at a camp.It was summer and we spent the nights in tents. An evening beside thecampfire one of the leaders preached. The sermon was about Jesus’return and the rapture of all Jesus-believers, to meet him in theskies. The preacher told us to take a decisive decision to followJesus. He warned us for being left behind that day/moment when thebelievers would be raptured. If the rapture would happen tonight youdon’t want to wake up tomorrow and discover that you are left behind.I remember very well how the preacher called on us. I then felt thatI was longing to determine me for Jesus, but I didn’t take thedecisive step. Perhaps the most of us was a little bit surprised bythe sermon. My memory is that not many people responded to thepreacher’s exhortations. However, I well remember one guy who decidedfor Jesus at this time. He was overjoyed after his decision for Jesusand the next day he said I think on several occasion “I amwonderfully saved” and shone like the sun of happiness. Iremember that I was jealous of him. God forgive me that I did nottake a decisive step on this opportunity.


passed. At night before I fell asleep, I always prayed my eveningprayer and the Lord’s Prayer (the prayer that Jesus taught us) and onthe days I was like everyone else. Perhaps there was something insideme that on some occasions did that I behaved differently in view ofmy touch with God every evening. Finally it came to a crucial. Iwanted to live like my friends. I was 17 years old and had moved outto a town to educate me to engineering. My evening prayers botheredme more and more and I decided to stop praying. I had to push myself,but finally they were gone and I was free to live as my friends. God,how could I do that? So naively, especially considering that you oncerevealed you to me. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Maybe I was never freefrom God in the sense that God was still watching me. From my sidemore or less God disappeared. Things got so bad that I no longerbelieved God existed, or perhaps you could say it was a non-issue. Itwould now be many years before something happened.


I was about 35 years old my mother asked me to read a book that shehad bought. I promised mom that I would read it. I’m not quite surebut I think it was in connection with a visit to mom. That means acar trip of 420 kilometers. The time for the trip was approaching. Ithought it was the best for me to have read the book as I promisedbefore I met my mom. The title of the book was “What happensafter death?” The author was a Christian and was based on whatis known as classical Bible teaching. The author just believed whatit says in the Bible and that the Bible is the Word of God. I did notexpect to be influenced by the content. I was used to decide what Iwould like and think and be influenced by. But this time followinghappened. The message of the book touched me very strongly. I gotdistress for my life and for what I have done over the years. It wasa total surprise. I closed myself and I didn’t show to anybody thetrouble I had in my heart. I went maybe a couple of weeks with thisdistress as simply tormented me. So one night, very late and in myloneliness, I prayed a short prayer, without really knowing why. Itwas not a dramatic decision and I had no expectations. I cannotremember the prayer but I got to a point where I asked forforgiveness for my sins and let Jesus take over in my life. Then ithappened, a complete surprise it was. There came a wind from the sideand it went through my body and I felt it physically and it took awayall the distress and anxiety that burdened me, but not only that, itfilled me with joy and peace. What a surprise. No expectations, andthen I feel a wind that blows through the body. Very strange to feela wind that blows through the body. Then it dawned on me. It is TRUE,That is true what is written in the Bible. Once again, it dawned onme. GOD EXISTS and through his son Jesus Christ we are forgiven andreconciled with him. To call this event as a surprise is far toomildly. It was a shock, a shock of joy, Hallelujah. So became even I”wonderfully saved,” just like the guy at the camp forjuniors. Thanks to God.


I write this testimony, 29 / 3 in 2011, I am 68 years old. Over manyyears I have been belonging to God. God has not stopped to bless mewith physical touches. These blessings have been strongly linked tothe name of JESUS. Much more wonderful has happened to me in my walkwith God, but nothing has probably been as wonderful as getting therevelation of the TRUTH. It fitted me like a glove. Something thatGod longs to reveal to every man. How could I once in my youth leaveGod? The best for every human being is that early in the childhooddecide to follow/go with God and never leave him. I got a secondchance. I could have been LOST. Thanks to God for my mother’s prayersand GOD’s PROMISES to her. AMEN.