New Revelations

Some of you already know that the Lord has been speaking to me a lot lately and I have been listening to Him. And He has had “words of prophecy” for myself and my family. What the Lord has been doing for ME through all of this – is that He has been “revealing Himself” to me. He has been showing me the ‘face of God”.

I’ve learnt many things about Him about how He “accepts us where we are at.” He meets us where we are and He loves us right where we are. He doesn’t say to us, “Well, read the Bible more OR pray more fervently and THEN I can REALLY LOVE YOU!” He loves us here and now, unconditionally!

God sees us THROUGH Jesus, His Son, and, therefore, we are seen as PERFECT and HOLY in His sight. He sees us THROUGH Jesus, who shed blood for our sins. And because we have His “blood” upon us – our sins are not exposed to God – only JESUS’ GLORY IS SEEN IN US! HALLELUIAH!

I’ve also learnt, firsthand, through His own words to me, how “gentle” and “loving” God is. In each of the letters I’ve received from Him – He makes ME feel like “I AM” His most “favoured one”, His most “beloved one” in the whole world! BUT, He has the same words of endearment for each one of us! He loves each one of us with passion we cannot comprehend — each and every one of us is MOST SPECIAL and MOST FAVOURED in His eyes.

Something that He has revealed to me, personally, is how He can use your personality and all those negative life experiences to mold you into a “servant” for HIS GREATER GLORY! Growing up, I always viewed myself as “not quite as intelligent” as most of the other kids at school. I felt, at times, like I was too gullible, too simple, and perhaps too naive for my own good. I always wished I was smarter, brighter, and maybe a little more “complex” and “interesting” to talk to. Now I can see how the Lord has blessed me with a “simple, child-likeness” and a “trusting openness” to Him. The very traits in me that I thought were my downfall, have given me the ability to accept Jesus and to worship Him in a simple childlike way. And I can’t thank the Lord enough for my “simplicity”.

There is something else the Lord revealed to me, while I was reading a book called “ANGELS ON ASSIGNMENT.” It talked about how only our “good works” are written in the Believers Book in Heaven. There is no book in Heaven listing all our “shortcomings”. After I had read this the Lord began revealing to me all the children I had befriended during my school years. He reminded me of their names and I could see their faces. They all had one thing in common – they were what you would term as “rejects”. They were the type of child that others always “made fun of’. They were either “overweight”, or they were “poor”, or they were “not-too-good-looking.” And others DID make fun of them. But I seemed to always be drawn to them (not only out of a sense of compassion) but because I felt a “kinship” to them. I, myself, had felt “rejected” and “like-l-didn’t-belong” because I had been emotionally and physically abused by the school system. I was humiliated over and over again by my teachers.

Years later, I couldn’t help but feel that these negative childhood events affected me immensely, producing in me a “poor self-image”, “lack of confidence”, “fear of speaking in public”, etc. I viewed it as a very “negative” part of my life. But the Lord revealed to me two very important things (1) that He had let those events happen to me because they produced in me a strong love and compassion for rejected, hurt people, and (2) that all those “insignificant acts of kindness” are VERY SIGNIFICANT to Him. And He revealed that all those instances where I reached out to those “rejected children” were written in MY file in Heaven! And HE THANKED ME for reaching out to His hurting children! Yes, the Lord will one day thank each one of us, personally, for all the things we did in His name.

May Jesus shine His light upon each one of you, revealing new truths to you as you open your heart to Him.