New Year’s Resolution

This is the start of a year, new plans, renewed focuses. A time to look ahead, and reflect at the year past. The following is a prayer in this light. May this help you in finding some of your resolutions in this coming year.

Lord, rekindle the fire you have planted in my heart:
a fire that would fight in your name;
to be passionate to your cause;
to be caring to others;
to be selfless to my needs.

Lord, you are my leader and my sheppard.
I am a lamb that has gone astray,
for I am too comfortable because of what I have and what I own;
and I do time and time again — taking you for granted.

Lord, give me a passion to walk closer toward you:
a hunger for your righteousness,
a thurst for your love.

Lord, help me to be slow to anger and slow to judge:
in position of leadership, show me your light and your vision,
help me to be firm and kind;
in position of teaching, help me bring your Words into practice
and making it relevant to our lives.

Lord, rekindle my passion for the lost soul,
help me see the world through your eyes —
through which you have shown mercy to me.

Lord, help me to be a good and loving husband, one that is
generous in forgiving,
sensitive when guiding,
gentle when loving,
firm when leading,
hunble when I need to be taught — Lord, teach me how to love.

Lord, help me treasure the time you have given me.
Help me take away the excuses that leads to selfish desires.

Lord, keep my eyes open for my place in your plan.
Give me the strength and courage to let go of other things
on hearing your call.

Lord, help me to be a good brother and a good son,
where there is broken hearts, help me mend;
where there is separation, help me build bridge;
where there is offence, help me find forgiveness.

Lord, for me coworkers, help me be a light in their path.
Help me prepare ahead when they ask about the source of my faith.