Nothing But The Truth

‘But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ.’ (Ephesians 4:15)

I believe that the Lord led me to a passage in the newspaper some time ago, concerning the issue of telling the truth. The article was about how we apparently ‘cannot survive’ in our western world if we always told the truth. In fact, the article claims that people in this society usually tell about 200 small, or big, lies a day! (I’m not sure if the number goes up, or down, for other societies.)

As a result of having read this, I sensed maybe God was trying to tell me something. Something in me was convicted that I needed to ‘do better’ in this area. ‘Truth was so easy to let slip by,’ I mused inwardly.

The Bible was truth (John 17:17). Jesus Christ said he was the truth (John 14:6). Everything that was ‘right’ was the truth — but everything that was wrong, that was not the truth. Jesus called the devil ‘the father of lies’ (John 8:44). I did not want to have anything to do with that!

‘Okay, Lord,’ I said in my heart. ‘I will make it my goal to tell the truth, all the time! No lies … just the plain and simple truth!’ Now when I said ‘no lies’ I did not mean ‘big’ lies, but subtle, little ones, that are easy to let ‘slip by’ if you’re not 100% frank and honest with God (and that is easy for all of us).

Now, it wasn’t more than a few moments later, that I passed someone walking along, who then said to me, ‘How are you?’

Of course, I replied with the usual, ‘I’m fine, thanks!’

But in this case, it wasn’t the truth!

As I continued to walk on, sensing a little conviction inside, I sensed that the Lord was saying to me, ‘That’s not the truth.’ So I was stopped in my tracks. I went back (even a little bit reluctantly) and said to the man, a second time, ‘Well, actually, I’m not feeling that good.’

He said, ‘Why not?’

This, in turn, led us to having a short, but fulfilling conversation.

Now, you see, it’s all very easy!

If we would only learn to walk in truth, God would open new doors for us in a variety of ways that we could not have otherwise expected.

Who knows but that, for some, this might even provide an opening for a new job, or better yet, meeting one’s spouse to be!

If only … if only, we’d learn to walk in the truth!