Of Marshmallows and Men

What kind of child of God are you? Now if you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you are definitely one of His children, but do you behave like a trusting, obedient child most of the time or do you tend to pout and throw temper tantrums when God doesn’t do things your way?

Several years ago, God showed me very clearly how I was acting through the eyes of a three-year-old. I was in love with a wonderful, Christian man named Sam. Now Sam had all the qualities and characteristics I desired in a godly husband and we got along really well, so I was sure this was the man God intended for me to marry. This was quite a stretch, though, since we had never even dated!

Several months later, Sam began to date a woman we worked with. I was broken-hearted, as she shared details of their blossoming relationship with me. She had no idea of my feelings for Sam; she was just very excited about being in love with this wonderful man. How could God do this to me? Didn’t He know that I was the right woman for him?

My bitterness grew into depression. It was so unfair! Why was everyone else getting married and having babies and I was still single? God had surely forgotten me!

One night, I was visiting a dear friend, lamenting my situation and venting my anger about how unfair God was. During our conversation, her three-year-old son came in right before his bedtime asking if he could have some marshmallows before going to bed. My friend, in her motherly wisdom, said, “No”. Unsatisfied with this answer, her son threw a temper tantrum, whining, “But I want some!”

At that moment, I was overcome with laughter as God showed me a snapshot of myself. My Father in Heaven was showing me (in His own comical way) how I was behaving toward Him during this whole situation with Sam. For just as my friend’s three-year-old son was whining, “But I want some!” about marshmallows, a picture flashed in my mind’s eye of how I was kicking and stomping my feet before God, whining, “But I want him!” about Sam.

This was quite an eye-opener! That was not the kind of daughter I desired to be toward my Heavenly Father and certainly not becoming of the daughter of the King. I’d like to say I immediately repented and changed my ways, but it was more of a gradual giving of the situation over to God and praying for His will and His healing. As in all things, though, He is faithful. In time, my heart healed and God revealed more to me about what is His best for me, rather than what I THINK His best for me SHOULD be.

This happened over eight years ago, but God still brings it to mind, along with a smile, when I start to think I know what’s best and feel the urge to say, “But I want” or “It’s not fair!” So, I ask you again, what kind of child of God are you?