Only a Personal Test Matters


In another universe and another time, there lived a civilization of two-dimensional people (which we will call the “Flats”). For them, two dimensions (a flat plane) was reality and they could not conceive of beings which inhabited more than these two-dimensions. One day a three-dimensional being visited the universe of the Flats. Since they were two-dimensional, they could only see, touch, and feel the two-dimensional outline of this creature’s foot as its three dimensional form passed through their two dimensional plane of existence. Even more mysterious was that this shape would disappear from their plane of reality without a trace… only to reappear in another location. This happened each time the three-dimensional creature passed through their two-dimensional plane. Some of the Flats proposed that there existed a reality which was outside their known science (therefore it was deemed supernatural). They proposed that this universe was inhabited by creatures possessing more than just two-dimensions. They also reasoned that an entity possessing one more dimension could move in and out a universe which possessed one less dimension. Although this explanation of the mystery explained the observations, it was rejected by most of the Flats because it could not be scientifically tested. It relied upon the supernatural.1

It is impossible to observe what is happening at the point of singularity inside an area known as a “black hole.” A black hole is an area in space where it is believed that matter is so concentrated that the gravitational pull prevents even electromagnetic waves, such as light, from escaping. As any known particle approaches a black hole it disappears at what is known as the “event horizon.” Anything which comes closer than the event horizon is sucked into the black hole and can not escape. At the center of the black hole is a point of singularity where (supposedly) matter accelerates to the speed of light, time stops, and mass becomes infinite. This is an area in our own universe about which we can only speculate. Experimentation is absolutely impossible. Yet science predicts that the point of singularity does exist.

These illustrations show that just because you cannot see, touch, or feel something does not mean that it does not exist. The great miracles described in the Bible demonstrate that the One who has created the known universe has control over time and creation. The accounts of Jesus walking on water, appearing in locked rooms, healing the sick, changing water into wine, bringing food into existence from nothing, coming back from death, and ascending into heaven are easily explained by the assumption that He was God. Therefore, He had the ability to take on extra “dimensions” in time and space. Thus, just as in the first illustration the three-dimensional entity could step in and out of two-dimensional space, Jesus has the ability to step in and out of four dimensional time/space and presently abides outside of time as we know it (See article VI-13). The Bible is not unscientific because it can not be tested in a laboratory any more than a black hole is unscientific because we cannot go inside one.

Christianity is based upon one, and only one, thing – personally accepting the death and sacrifice of Jesus Christ as payment for your own wrongdoing. Many of the historical events described in the Bible are verifiable by archeology, historical documents, and scientific study. But ultimately the only test of Christianity which matters is a personal one. Until you are willing to submit to His authority and accept His payment for your sin, you cannot know whether Christianity is true. Only by personally testing the promises of God will you know the Truth. The Truth will set you free. Test His promises, abide in His word, and you will know the truth.

1. This illustration is used by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith in his book, A Scientific Alternative to Neo-Darwinian Evolution.