Only God Can Form a Basis for Truth

If ultimate truth exists, this truth must have a basis outside of human opinion. If we are creations, then there is a Creator. An author has the ultimate authority to interpret his own writing. Likewaise, if we have a Creator, He has authority over us. Finite human opinion can never create absolute truth. An enormous number of opinions can never add up to absolute truth. Only a source of moral truth which is outside of ourselves can provide a sufficient basis for morality. Absolute truth can only exist if an ultimate being (God) exists. Therefore, as belief in a Creator declines, belief in absolute truth also declines. The two are irrevocably connected. This is one reason why Jesus emphasized that he is “the Truth.”1 The texts do not imply that he knew, told, or revealed the truth. Rather, Jesus explicitly stated that he literally is truth. The history of mankind is the revelation of how humans have responded to God as the source of absolute truth.

The primary reason we see such a concerted effort to remove all references to God from public life is not to protect the constitution of the United States. God is under attack to undermine His authority as the absolute source of truth upon which our government was founded.

Whenever God’s word, the Bible, is rejected as the absolute source of truth, people’s opinions become their own source of absolute truth. This is why ‘tolerance’ has become the most valued and treasured virtue within society. Furthermore, this new ‘tolerance’ demands that everyone’s morals be considered of equal validity and that no absolute truth exists. True tolerance of others in a completely different mindset. It considers and values the opinions of others but weighs these opinions against an absolute standard. There is then the possibility of guiding those living a life which will ultimately lead to destruction back to the truth. The new tolerance sounds kind and compassionate, but really just trades one absolute belief (that God exists and has revealed the moral order of the universe through the Bible) with another absolute (that man can set his own rules of right and wrong). Additionally, this new ‘tolerance’ mercilessly persecutes anyone who would dare suggest that someone may be wrong or sinful.

Our government and legal system were based on the absolute moral truth defined by the one who claimed to literally be “the truth”. This foundation produced a nation of the greatest economic and social freedom in the history of the world. The other current absolute belief, that every opinion is of equal value and equally true, has its justification in evolution and produced such social disasters as Communism, Marxism, Fascism, and Nazi Germany.

The whole idea that multiple truths can coexist is totally flawed logic. Truth, by definition, means that other possibilities are not true! Whenever Biblical truths and morals are rejected, an oppressive government must step in to enforce some other set of arbitrary standards.

1. The Bible, John 14:6;John 18:37; John 5:33; John 1:14